Sphericam 2’s Kickstarter has come to an end today after having more than tripled their initial funding goal of $150,000. The little baseball-sized 360 camera is now promising some pretty ambitious extra features thanks to the added funding.


Sphericam already promises to deliver 4K quality 360 monoscopic video at 60 FPS with global shutter, an excellent set of specs for any VR enthusiast looking for an easily portable 360 cam that specifically targets VR for replay—but now having passed several stretch goals on its way to the finish line, Sphericam is bulking up to protect the ~$1,500 camera from the elements.

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The team is now aiming to deliver all of their units with a new dust-proof and water-resistant body (rated to protect up to 1m of water depth), which will be estimated to arrive to backers in December of 2015.

When asked by PetaPixel why the team decided to go the professional route instead of aiming for a lower price point, project creator Jeffrey Martin maintains that “…there are other cameras that have been released that are $500 or $800, but there are too many compromises to be made to get to that price point.”

There’s no word yet on when the company will start selling the 360 camera post-Kickstarter, or at what price when/if they do.

Sphericam founder Jeffrey Martin marked the completion of the Kickstarter campaign thanking those who pledged for their support:

I’d like to thank you all for backing Sphericam 2. Now we will continue what we’ve started.
In 15 days we can start to cover some of the larger startup and tooling costs.
Now the real work begins, and it is all because of you.
We will send out backer surveys soon. In the meantime, Thank you!

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