‘Sprint Vector’ Races Onto PSVR Today With 30% Launch Discount for PS Plus Members

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Sprint Vector, the VR racing game which makes use of the unique ‘Fluid Locomotion System’, launched today on PSVR with a bonus launch discount of 30% for PS Plus members (20% for non-members). Developed by Survios, the studio behind Raw Data (2017)Sprint Vector offers a thrilling combination of speed and freedom of movement.

On its cover, Sprint Vector borrows the frenetic arcade racer format that anyone who has played Mario Kart will be familiar with: crazy maps, lots of speed, and power ups. But instead of being behind a steering wheel, Sprint Vector has players swinging their arms in running, jumping, and flying motions in order to get around—if you expect to keep up, you will break a sweat.

What looks initially like the sort of movements that would be a recipe for VR motion sickness is actually Survios’ carefully crafted Fluid Locomotion System which, despite a speedy pace, massive jumps, and huge drops, manages to keep most players from feeling any sort of motion sickness.

Sprint Vector is now available on the PlayStation Store priced at $30, before a 20% launch discount (30% for PS Plus members). Though there’s limited multiplayer between the Oculus and Vive versions of the game, Survios has confirmed that the PSVR version of Sprint Vector doesn’t include cross-play with other VR platforms.

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Road to VR’s Scott Hayden reviewed the PC version of Sprint Vector when it launched last week:

‘Sprint Vector’ may have borrowed some well-established kart racing tropes from the ‘Mario Kart’ franchise, but that’s where the comparison with other games stops. Using a unique locomotion system, Survios shows a masterful understanding of what it takes to make a fast-paced, but comfortable racing experience, one that will have you flying higher and running faster than you’ve ever gone before.

While we haven’t had a chance to play the retail build of Sprint Vector on PSVR just yet, our hands-on time with earlier versions of the game seemed to show that the Fluid Locomotion System translates quite well to PSVR’s Move controllers, and we were impressed when we saw this Survios pro show off his skills in the PSVR version of the game:

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  • J Raye Porter

    how long will this discount be in effect?

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