ILMxLAB is again teaming up with VR arcade company Nomadic to bring a new version of the ‘Lightsaber Dojo’ from Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series to locations worldwide.

With the help of Nomadic, Lucasfilms’ immersive entertainment studio ILMxLAB brought an arcade-style Lightsaber Dojo experience to pop-up installation at select locations late last year. Now the studios are partnering again to produce a version inspired by the Lightsaber Dojo in the third, and final episode.

There’s no word on where you’ll be able to play just yet, however Sean Griffin, President of Nomadic, says Star Wars fans “worldwide” will be able to experience it. The studios’ Lightsaber Dojo from last year, which was based on the mini-game from Vader Immortal: Episode II (2019), was held in pop-up locations across North America.

“The ILMxLAB team is excited to bring a new chapter to the Lightsaber Dojo experience,” said ILMxLAB Senior Producer, Shereif Fattouh. “Fans will soon have the unique opportunity to battle Darth Vader himself using all their abilities in the ultimate test of skill.”

Just like in the Lightsaber Dojo from the third episode, fans will get a chance to handle lightsabers, blasters, and use the Force to combat waves of droids, stormtroopers, and other creatures before a climactic fight with Darth Vader. Check out some gameplay footage of the original Lightsaber Dojo III below, courtesy YouTube channel ‘cycyclist’:

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“Nomadic is thrilled to once again partner with ILMxLAB to bring guests into the world of Star Wars,” said Sean Griffin, President of Nomadic. “Our new form factor will deliver a more immersive experience for players, will provide a social viewing experience for their friends and family, and is more efficient for family entertainment centers and arcades to operate. We can’t wait for Star Wars fans worldwide to experience it.”

There’s no word on which VR headset arcade-goers will play on, as the studios only make mention of “a top-of-the-line virtual reality headset,” however it’s likely that due to ILMxLAB’s previous engagements with Oculus that it will be an Oculus Quest 2 headset.

The studios says details on availability and pricing of Vader Immortal – Lightsaber Dojo will be available at a later date. We’ll have our eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

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