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Classic ’90s Adventure ‘The 7th Guest’ Remake Coming to VR in October

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Vertigo Games, the VR pioneers behind the Arizona Sunshine franchise and After the Fall, announced that the VR remake of The 7th Guest finally has a release date.

Update (August 23rd, 2023): Vertigo Games revealed The 7th Guest is set to arrive on Steam, Quest, and PSVR 2 on October 19th, 2023. You can wishlist it on each platform following the relevant links.

Additionally, the studio threw out a new trailer, which we linked below this update. The original article announcing The 7th Guest follows below:

Original (June 16th, 2023): Called The 7th Guest, the single player VR adventure is actually based on the classic ’90s CD-ROM title that tosses you into a haunted mansion for puzzles and full-motion video (FMV) characters spirits who bring the early adventure game to life.

Instead of flat video though, the new 7th Guest is being built with volumetric video capture alongside a complete overhaul of everything, top to bottom. Here’s how the studio describes it:

The team is using volumetric video capture to recreate the FMV (full-motion video) storytelling of the original game, bringing the classic adventure to life like never before. And for the first time ever, the iconic mansion is being recreated in full 3D—though don’t be surprised if it starts shifting around you. After all, it’s haunted. Spooky but never gory, The 7th Guest is like a thrilling amusement park ride you can experience at home, packed with puzzles that pay homage to the original point-and-click adventure while taking full advantage of VR.

The 7th Guest is being developed by Vertigo Studios Rotterdam, a division of Vertigo Games based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

There’s no exact release date yet, however the studio says it’s coming to Quest 2 and Quest Pro sometime this year.