TPCast, the wireless transmitter first launched for Vive, is going to be arriving in few different regions soon including US, Canada, and much of the European Union. Pre-orders, which are available now, are slated to arrive as early as next week.

Launching pre-orders quietly yesterday afternoon in the US and Canada, TPCast for Rift pre-orders ran out almost immediately. Priced at $350 and only currently available direct from TPCast, the only other solution for customers looking to get their hands on one of the Rift-specific TPCast units is to either sign up for updates and wait, or purchase from a foreign storefront. Find US/Canada availability here.

European availability is still good, as the device is carried by a number of German and UK retailers capable of shipping all over Europe. Retailers are nearly universally selling the TPCast for Rift for around $460 (€390, £350). This price however includes value-added tax (VAT). Find European availability here.

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What’s in the Box

  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Power module and battery
  • Wireless router
  • Cables *3 (Video/Data Cable, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable)
  • Nylon bag, Belt
  • Quick Start Guide, Warranties


  • Video Format:HDMI
  • Video Resolution:2K (2160*1200)
  • Video Frame Rate:90Hz
  • Audio Format: 16bit 44100 Hz, 16bit 48000 Hz
  • Transmission Delay <2ms
  • Transmission Range>5m 360°
  • Power Consumption :4W
  • Battery Life: 5 hours

A thanks goes out to Roland Theron for tipping us off.

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  • Pre Seznik

    Great, in the EU, yet no way to get this in my country. Fantastic. Great decision, joining the EU.

  • Neil Canham

    Europe page currently blank…

  • Evol Love

    “Launching pre-orders quietly yesterday afternoon”
    This is incorrect they launched early in the morning I placed my order at 2:58 AM.

  • ojhilt

    Given the price drops on the main VR headsets it’s astonishing this glorified router is still selling at nearly the same price as the main devices, what happened to the $200 range? I’d love to go wireless but at this price it’s just totally unjustifiable and makes waiting to see what gen-2 will bring the only sensible option :(

  • ale bro

    does the mic work with the oculus version? it’s still not working on the vive tpcast unless you do the work

  • rtheron

    Pre-order arrived today – pro tip, fully charge the battery before first use or it won’t have enough juice to power the display in your HMD, other than that a breeze to set up