TPCast's first generation device, image courtesy TPCast

TPCAST Wireless VR Add-On Available Worldwide Q2 for $249

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HTC has confirmed that the TPCAST wireless VR solution for the Vive VR headset will be available worldwide in Q2 this year at $249.

As predicted in our recent VR retrospective, there were a lot of companies showing solutions that promise to cut the cord on desktop headsets via wireless video streaming. The solution that HTC themselves have been promoting exclusively up to now however is the TPCAST ‘Wireless HD’ powered 60Ghz solution, developed inside company’s own ViveX incubator program.

TPCAST ‘s 60Ghz Wireless Transmitter

We already knew TPCAST was on its way this year, indeed it’s already been available for pre-order via HTC’s chinese Vive online store since November 11th last year, but up until now it was unclear when the rest of the world would be able to get their hands on the kit. At CES this week, HTC announced the TPCAST solution would go on sale worldwide in Q2 2017 for $249, although no other regional pricing was announced. That buys you the headset’s wireless receiver, transmitter and a battery capable of up to 90-120 mins run time. A larger 5 hour battery (seen below alongside the standard version) will be available too.

HTC had a heavy focus on accessories and peripherals for their SteamVR powered system at CES this year, launching both the Vive tracker and the Deluxe Audio Strap, a replacement for the Vive’s head harness. Regarding the upgrade and the TPCAST wireless add-on, which places a wireless receiver/breakout box and battery on the headset itself, HTC’s Daniel O’Brien confirmed that despite the chunkier construction of the new Deluxe Audio Strap, TPCAST will attach to it just fine.