Valve Reveals 2017’s Top Selling VR Games on Steam

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At the start of the New Year Valve has released a look back at 2017’s best selling VR titles on Steam.

Just in time for the end of the Steam Winter Sale (concluding January 4th @ 10AM PT), Valve has published a series of ‘The Best of 2017‘ charts, showing which titles on Steam have fared the best across several metrics. Among the charts is a list of the top 100 best selling VR games on Steam in 2017, as measured by gross revenue.

The chart is broken into tiers ranging from Bronze to Platinum. Refreshing the page shuffles the titles in each tier, meaning we can’t tell directly how individual games in each tier stack up in terms of revenue, we only know that games in a higher tier had higher revenue than games in a lower tier.

Here’s a look at the Gold and Platinum tiers; in an effort to roughly estimate the range of revenues within each tier we’ve estimated total gross revenue (not just 2017) based on data from SteamSpy (assuming MSRP for all sales), and sorted each tier by that figure. It’s also worth noting that some of these titles (like Fallout 4 VR and Tilt Brush) are or were bundled at one time with sales of the HTC Vive, a confounding variable in the total gross estimation.


Game Release Estimated Total Gross Owners
Fallout 4 VR 2017 $4,731,120.00 78,852
Arizona Sunshine 2016 $4,721,400.00 118,035
Raw Data 2017 [prev. EA] $4,283,320.00 107,083
Tilt Brush 2016 $4,025,360.00 201,268
Job Simulator 2016 $3,416,940.00 170847
Audioshield 2016 $2,803,640.00 140,182
SUPERHOT VR 2017 $2,561,475.00 102,459
Onward 2016 [EA] $2,409,375.00 96,375
Space Pirate Trainer 2017 [prev. EA] $2,372,865.00 158,191
Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality 2017 $1,839,900.00 61,330
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016 [EA] $1,557,580.00 77,879
Gorn 2017 [EA] $1,392,080.00 69,604

Looking at the chart against our estimated revenue data, Fallout 4 VR, despite being released less than a month ago, found itself among the top grossing VR titles of 2017 thanks to a relatively high $60 price point and a release surrounded by lots of buzz.

Interestingly, and perhaps worryingly for VR content development, half of 2017’s Platinum sellers were launched in 2016 (or even more than half if we counted Raw Data and Space Pirate Trainer as being launched in 2016 given their Early Access debut that year). This would imply that 2017 hasn’t seen very many VR hits launched on Steam compared to 2016, which itself could mean several different things, but without more data, speculating further isn’t particularly useful.


Game Release Estimated Total Gross Owners
Virtual Desktop 2016 $2,467,785.00 164,519
Vanishing Realms 2016 [EA] $1,973,120.00 98,656
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope 2017 $1,508,920.00 37,723
Sairento VR 2016 [EA] $956,460.00 31,882
The Talos Priciple VR 2017 $827,480.00 20,687
Paranomal Activity the Lost Soul 2017 $798,240.00 19,956
Doom VFR 2017 $781,230.00 26,041
Batman Arkham VR 2017 $681,440.00 34,072
Pavlov 2017 [EA] $593,830.00 59,383
I Expect You to Die 2017 $559,750.00 22,390
Dead Effect 2 VR 2017 [prev. EA] $541,500.00 21,660
QuiVr (2016) 2016 [EA] $486,740.00 24,337

In the Gold tier, a smaller portion (25%) of 2017’s top grossing games were released in 2016, suggesting that a number of VR titles released in 2017 are working their way up the charts, but not at particularly accelerated rate compared to 2016.

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Update (1/2/18): Indicated that some of the titles in the list of top sellers are or were bundled with sales of the Vive at one time or another.