The latest out of home, live VR attraction to hit the UK, Virtually Dead mixes free-roaming virtual reality with live theatrical performances to bring Zombies to life in a secret East London location.

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See also: UK Theme Park Announce Their First VR Roller Coaster ‘Galactica’

The third UK based virtual reality attraction to be announced already this year, Virtually Dead aims to bring the intangible essence of live performances and fuse it with virtual reality’s potent capability to terrify.

Coming to a secret location in East London in March, the new VR experience utilises the free-roaming tracking of the HTC Vive, plunging participants into an immersive, Zombie-filled nightmare.


Virtually Dead is being produced by Noma Labs, a Dutch company branding themselves ‘millenial experience experts’, but are being assisted by Vertigo Games, the team behind the VR Zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine and room-scale god game Skyworld.

The experience sounds, frankly exhausting with the website states that its to last an hour and take place in a world spanning “half a kilometre”. According to Noma Labs, during the experience, actors will guide participants to specific VR designated areas where they’ll get to explore a “virtual world using its room-scale VR technology”.

Jon Goddard, Head of European VR Marketing at HTC commented: “By combining our VR with immersive theatre, we aim to introduce new audiences to HTC Vive before our April launch. We have produced something that showcases VR in a whole new light and will attract people outside of the usual circles that would typically be interested in a VR event.”

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If you’ve heard enough and can get yourself to London between the 19th March and 3rd April, head over to the Virtually Dead website and book your tickets now.

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  • Steven Smith

    If you went to see Generation Of Z last year, this is not a patch on it. Embarrassing and an uncomfortable experience with terrible hammy actors mixed with some that have a clue. You are asked to join the forces by a couple of guys dressed as Army desert rats. Only they are eating hot cross buns and ordering you to do Star jumps. I nearly did not get on the truck to the secret locations five minute away. Unlike Z they army actors think they are in some s/m production barking orders and radio one and other to get a move on. It only gets worse unsuitable comments about the audience sorry recruits genital. The Professor is cringe worthy and down right over long. all to get to the 15 minutes that is good- to the Virtual Reality but still there is an embarrassing role play to get to do that. Its all a little disappointing worse at the end they do not take you b
    ack to the pick up point…