Viveport, HTC’s digital content store for Vive and Rift, just got one of the best deals we’ve seen yet on VR games this holiday season. Starting today, Viveport subscribers can pick up five top-rated VR titles for just $1 a piece.

Viveport lets you choose five games each month from a pool of eligible titles, and regularly tosses out free games and other special events throughout the year. Plans range from three months for $20 to 12 months for $80.

From now until November 19th, existing Viveport subscribers and even members using a 14-day free trial, can get these awesome titles for just one dollar (or local equivalent).

Image courtesy HTC

MSRP on all game combined comes to a total of $127, an incredible deal anyway you slice it, especially since you can try Viveport Subscription for free and still get all five games for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

HTC Opens Its Viveport VR App Store to Oculus Rift Users

HTC says there are limited numbers of every game available at this price though, so act now before they run out, or the clock strikes midnight Pacific time on November 19th—whichever comes first.

You can check out Viveport here.

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  • kuhpunkt

    Still won’t use Viveport :D

  • Rick

    Great deal!

  • Skibble

    Do these activate on Steam? Or does Viveport have its own client?

    • kuhpunkt

      It’s its own thing.

      • Luke

        I didn’t understand. do they give a steam key? thx

        • kuhpunkt


          • Luke

            so if I buy those games I loose the possibily to play them after the free trial expire and I do not continue to pay for it?

          • kuhpunkt

            I’m not sure about that, sorry.

          • Luke

            ok thanks

          • kuhpunkt

            Just looked it up: “Viveport functions identically to Steam in that content you buy is always yours to access without further fees. Only content accessed via a subscription is affected by cancellation or modification of a subscription.”

            So you get to keep it.

          • Zztarg

            You get to keep these games forever regardless if you are subscriber or cancel. You just have to be a subscriber to purchase them.

          • impurekind

            And how do you play them once you cancel the subscription, the games you’ve actually bought? Through Steam or directly on Rift or what?

          • Raphael

            The games can be launched via steam. Viveport integrates with steam. From the steam home room you can launch viveport, viveport movies and whatever games you purchased on viveport. I was accessing my recent viveport games right from the steam home room today.

            Viveport has a very nice UI now.

  • Luke

    can you launch those games in oculus sdk mode from steam? thx

  • Str][ker

    You can add any game to Steam to launch there. I have several titles from Viveport (got them for free) which show up in my steam library.
    Once you buy these titles, they are yours forever.

    The other games you gain access to for the monthly subscription are the ones which are available only as long as you are an active subscriber.

    • Luke

      can you launch those games in oculus sdk mode from steam? do you have oculus?

      • HomeAudio

        I see those games at steam library but I don’t see any of those games on oculus sdk :/

  • Lucidfeuer

    Are Steam licence we already have, mirrored in Viveport? For example if I already have Superhot VR on Steam?

    • Tailgun

      I can tell you that I’ve already played a couple of the games on my trial sub and they showed up after launching in my Steam library and in my Oculus library, as well.

      • Lucidfeuer

        After verifying on the actual Steam pages, it doesn’t not seem to be added to Steam. My question however concerned the opposite way.

  • impurekind

    Well, I just downloaded the games and will give them a go. I hope it all works as I expect on my Rift, that I still own the games I’ve paid for once I cancel the free subscription, and that cancelling is as straightforward as it should be. :-o

    • Tailgun

      I know that one of the games I got from their promotion last week, Fallout 4 VR, was delivered as a Steam code, so that’s legit ownership. I bought two of the games here that I didn’t have before: Sairento and The Wizards. As part of their sale they also have Furious Seas on sale, which is basically a simple version of AC: Black Flag’s naval combat, for $8.

  • Will

    Can I use my Samsung Odyssey + with Viveport?

  • JesuSaveSouls

    It’s a great deal.I already used my free 2 week but it’s still only 8.99 with you choosing 5 for a month and to get premium premier titles at a buck each is just outrageously good.Praise Jesus !

    • jj

      don’t you mean praise Viveport?? theyre the ones with the deals, if you think eternal damnation is a good deal then sure, praise a carpenter. but until then PRAISE VIVEPORT our true lords and saviors

    • Raphael

      Praise Kermit.

  • Raphael

    After 2 years I decided to stop disliking Viveport and try it again. Was pleasantly surprised. Very nice UI, quite a nice movie player. Purchased superhot, the wizard and sairento.

  • Cool idea!

  • Pete

    Looks like its ended for at least some of the games

  • brandon9271