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VR Platformer ‘To The Top’ to Land on PSVR This Month, Launch Trailer Here

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To The Top (2017), the VR platforming game that first released on Steam, is heading to PSVR on May 29th.

Using a the ‘grab the world’ locomotion mechanic, you use your superhuman jumping powers to traverse over 35 levels, replete with obstacles and a diverse set of challenges along the way. To move, you simply point your motion controller at your designated target, and it physically ‘grabs on’ to the game’s many barriers and architecture so you can fling yourself forward. Using the locomotion system, you’ll be able to climb, skate, fly and control yourself in the air.

Image courtesy Panic Buttonmore
Image courtesy Panic Buttonmore

Created by Electric Hat Games and Panic Button, To The Top is set in the futuristic world filled with piloted robots. Joining the ‘To The Top Academy’, you test your skills to see if you are capable of piloting the high-flying machines. You can either explore the environment, or compete against other players online for the fastest times.

To The Top supports both PlayStation Move controllers, or a single DualShock 4 controller.