VR Trivia Battle, a game show-style trivia game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, launched today on Viveport Subscription. The game, which pits online users in a battle of wits, will also be launching later this month on Steam and the Oculus Store, giving Viveport subscribers a first whack at the chance to win real prizes for a limited time.

VR Trivia Battle features over 10,000 questions, over 20 unique avatars, and three game play modes including single player vs AI, a two vs. two ‘Classic’ mode, and a ‘Trivial Royale’ mode that pits between three to eight players against each other.

Players compete in three rounds of trivia, and engage in three unique mini-games, while doing “whatever it takes to win – including throwing pies and bonking each other with a mallet,” says developer RLTY CHK.

A ‘Host’ mode is also available, letting users qualify to be the game show host and run their own game show. All game modes end in the ultimate choice to fight or flee (formerly dubbed ‘Kiss or Kill’)

The game will be available exclusively to Viveport subscribers until October 23rd, which includes tournaments where players can win real prizes. Afterwards, the game will be made available via Steam and the Oculus Store.

Thanks to Viveport’s recent support for Oculus Rift, subscribers can use Rift and Touch for many games made available via the platform, including VR Trivia Battle.

Check out VR Trivia Battle on Viveport Subscription and Steam. We’ll update when a link is available to the Oculus Store version.

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  • gothicvillas

    I tried Viveport.. guess what? It is removed from my PC. I’ll wait on Steam release. Tbh we are long overdue with some VR trivia games.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Amazing graphics! Truly looks like the next big thing! This is what we’ve been waiting for!