Paris Games Week (PGW) is just about to kick off, starting officially November 1st and lasting until November 5th. Sony is announcing a few new games ahead of time at their annual pre-PGW keynote though, which they say will include 7 titles spanning PS4 and PSVR. Watch the keynote here starting today at 8AM PDT (your local time here).

Sony announced on their US blog that the livestream will see 21 game updates, and 7 “all-new game announcements” for PS4 and PSVR.

Afterwards, the Sony Media Showcase promises to give you “an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles.”

Check it out below, starting at 8AM PDT, October 30th. Sony is also streaming live on, and Facebook.

Watch live video from PlayStation on

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  • Just watched it, great to see so many games coming out but I felt that the violence in modern games is getting a bit over the top. The scene at the end of the video where they said “clip her wings” and then you watch some woman held down have her elbow pulverized with a claw hammer is taking it to another level, I felt that was just too much.