With only 4 days left until the official end of its crowdfunding campaign, Wearality Sky has passed its funding goal of $100,000. The company will be offering trials of their 150 degree field of view (FOV) lenses in San Francisco May 1st (today!) and in New York on March 2nd (tomorrow!).

Google Cardboard clones come and go, but Wearlity’s VR smartphone adapter is in another class entirely. With a horizontal FOV of 150 degrees, just 30 degrees shy of the human being’s natural forward-facing FOV of 180 degrees, Wearality Sky promises to immerse like no other mobile VR solution before it.

‘Wearality Sky’ Kickstarter Campaign

Wearality is also releasing their lenses in a ‘Mod Kit’, a funding tier of $49 that omits the frames so hardware nuts can DIY the lenses onto anything, like Open Source VR headset dev kit from the collaborative efforts of Razer and Sensics.

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Didn’t have a chance to try out the impressively large FOV of Wearality’s double stacked Fresnel lenses before becoming a backer? Maybe you’re one of those people with a freakishly large/small interpupillary distance (IPD), and want to put their claims that the Sky’s exit pupil has a sweet-spot that will cater to everyone…

Well, Wearality is offering trials of their VR smartphone adapter in San Francisco on May 1st at 7:00 pm PST, taking place at The Flying Pig Bistro Pub. A plan is also in the makings for a New York meetup on May 2nd, but the exact details haven’t been nailed down yet by Wearality and its backers. Check back on the Updates page of the campaign’s Kickstarter for more information on the New York gathering.

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  • WadeWatts

    Early backer! Can’t wait to try them. That FOV is so appealing! Have my hack tools on ready to build my own HMD with these lens!