The judges at Vision Summit 2016 sorted through nearly 250 applicants to find the top three VR/AR creations spanning a number of categories. The award ceremony represents the best out of these three competing games, experiences, or 360 videos.

The Vision Summit VR/AR Awards ceremony was hosted by Nonny de la Peña, a pioneer of immersive journalism known for several hard-hitting projects like Project Syria and Hunger in Los Angeles.

vision summit 2016 awards

And the winners are:

Vision Inspire Award

I Expect You to Die by Schell Games

Made for Oculus Rift, ‘I Expect You to Die‘ is a virtual reality (VR) puzzle game that lets you step into the world of an elite secret agent to attempt to survive a series of deadly situations. The goal is to complete the mission using brain power, cunning and a top secret device that gives you the power of telekinesis. 

The Vision Aspire Award recognizes the ‘very best submission’ taking into account thematic cohesion, immersion, technical merit and production quality.

Best VR Experience

Thunderbird: The Legend Begins by Innervision Games

Thunderbird: The Legend Begins‘ is the first chapter in an epic cinematic series designed exclusively for Virtual Reality. Embark on an interactive journey to discover the hidden secrets of an ancient legend shrouded in mystery. This puzzle-based adventure features advanced interactive game mechanics and stunning visuals to create a deeply immersive and compelling experience.

Best AR Experience

Eleanor of Ayer by Gelly Bomb Games

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Eleanor of Ayer‘ is a augmented reality, multiple ending mystery puzzle game that follows the murder case of Shovi, the vocalist of the fictional rock band LUNACY. Before his last breath, Shovi leaves a dying message reading “Wa”, leaving the band’s drummer Walrus to become a suspect. Customers of the cafe may request a tablet from the waiter and use it to solve various puzzles that will reveal the true murderer.

Technical Achievement Award

Modbox by Alientrap

Modbox‘ is a physics sandbox game where you completely set and control your environment. You create your own Holodeck to play with, and to share with others.

With a focus on real-world applications for architecture, education, industry, etc, this award was given to the project with the highest quality, complexity, and originality.

Artistic Achievement Award


‘TECHNOLUST’ is a Virtual Reality Adventure set in a near-future Cyberpunk world. The world and style of TECHNOLUST are inspired by 1980’s and 90’s Cyberpunk fiction like Blade Runner, Neuromancer and Robocop. Join the resistance and help bring down the oppressive corporations… or just hang out at home and watch a movie with your artificial intelligence. Go to the arcade and experience new worlds or hack into secure networks and fight to set the truth free. As in the real world, the choice is yours.

This award was presented to the project which created “the most striking artistic VR/AR experience.”

Best Game

Budget Cuts by Neat Corporation

Budget Cuts‘ is a VR stealth game, putting you in the shoes of a spy at a company undergoing budget cuts.

Best Film/Interactive Story

Apollo 11 VR by Immersive VR Education

Apollo 11 Vr Experience‘: On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. You can now experience this event by becoming Neil Armstrong and boarding the Saturn V Rocket which is still to this day the most powerful machine ever created by humans.

Best Live-Action Experience

U2 Song for Someone – Vrse by Chris Milk, U2, Apple, Universal Music Gropu, Vrse Inc., and Vrse.Works

u2 song for someone vrse

Chris Milk and U2 came together to create a revolutionary new visual interpretation ofU2’s “Song For Someone.” Milk takes singers from across the world and joins them together to create this reimagining of the music video.

Road to VR wants to congratulate both the participants and winners of this year’s Vision Summit VR/AR Awards. We’ll be bringing you more coverage of Unity’s Vision Summit throughout the day as we interview developers and demo some of the best games to come to virtual reality.

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