You may or may not need a cool carrying case to go with your pre-ordered Oculus Rift, but dammit, you’ll be getting one whether you like it or not. We got a closer look at the newly revealed Rift carrying case, one that according to company founder Palmer Luckey is “doper than ever.”

We couldn’t determine exactly what the exterior was made from on first blush, but it’s safe to say that the case isn’t flimsy or cheap-feeling. There’s a fine matte texture on the outside.

The rigid cardboard interior holds the the headset itself and the IR tracking sensor. We weren’t allowed to fiddle too much, but a small fabric handle allows you to open the Accessory bin, which is actually a cutout surrounding the tracking camera. Since we didn’t open it, we can’t say for sure exactly how much room is below for all your Oculus-related gubbins, though we imagine users will be greeted with plenty of cables inside.

We did however get a chance to open and close the case, noting that the supplied wireless Xbox One controller and newly revealed Oculus Remote can remain safely in their plastic tension clips even when the lid is closed for travel. Hidden magnetic latches hold the entire case in the closed position.

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The open position is just like in the photo, with the lid held in a sort of presentation state.

The handle was an interesting bit, extending from an elongated Oculus-shaped fissure. The handle itself seems to be made of a bungee rope-like material which springs back into place when you aren’t grabbing it.

Executive editor Ben Lang gives a brief history explaining what some may perceive as an odd infatuation with Rift cases:

Newcomers to the VR space may be confused by the fascination of the Rift carrying case exhibited by a small group of the community. The reason is that Oculus shipped a nice plastic case with the Rift DK1 as a nice surprise, having not mentioned it at all throughout their original Kickstarter campaign. This turned out to be incredibly useful back when Rifts were scarce and giving VR demos meant lugging the headset along with all of its cables (and a desktop PC) from place to place.

When the DK2 launched, Oculus also included a case, but it was a little less sturdy as it was made out of cardboard. It didn’t hold up quite as well as the original case for serious VR road warriors.

With all of the stuff that actually comes with the Rift (the headset, sensor, Xbox One controller, Remote, and cables-aplenty), a high quality box to tote it all around in is going to be a thankful addition for those planning to continue the fine tradition of spreading the good word of VR by taking it to whoever will try it.

We have feet on the ground at CES 2016, and will be reporting on all things Oculus in the next few days until the convention’s close on January 9th. Expect much more though as we catch up to speed with hands-on articles and previews of any and all VR tech we could get our hands on.

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  • LarZen

    Cant wait to get my hands on one in a year or so. Need to build a beast of a PC to actually use it. First priority is getting the PlayStation VR as my PlayStation 4 is VR ready.

    • Thiago Braga

      I see what you did there

  • El_MUERkO

    what concerns me is the stand for the camera, I don’t have any place to put it I won’t have to keep moving it from, wish they stuck with the DK2 design

    • Noxas

      Hmmmm if I remember correctly the stand is detachable from the camera which has a standard camera mounting thread on it. If you lookat some of the images for the stand the usb cable from the camera is also just clipped to the stand.

  • Komen Just

    WTF Oculus!?! What all this crap about VR for masses? You should add a golden logo – for ‘real enthusiast’… 700 EU is more than best GPU, and more than entire monthly income in many families. And you already out of stock, because today buyers have shipping date in april.

    2016 – year of huge disappointment.

    • Ray Lera

      Its way more for the masses then VR before it.
      Get a job and its fine.

      • Komen Just

        Why you insulting me? I have a full-time job (in computer industry) and I was in PCs probably before you stand erect.

        They could make this cheaper, but they decide to be like Apple – with expensive materials and flashy case.

        And this is totally disagreement with ‘vr for mass’ politics – from which Oculus was built. This is – ‘we love money and you will pay whatever we want’.

        I know many gamers, and noone will spend more than 300 bucks on GPU (except no-lifes), and this price for peripheral with couple of games is just… insane.

        • Jean Laplage


          • Komen Just

            If something’s even $600, it doesn’t matter how good it is, how great of an experience it is — if they just can’t afford it, then it really might as well not exist.

            – Palmer Luckey, June 6 2013

            blablabla – you are so smart Jean…

          • Kyle Rybski

            You forgot the rest of the quote. Context is a cruel mistress.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          difference is, Apple sells it’s devices with 50%+ profit, the CV1 is sold at cost.. And the case itself isn’t that flashy, it’ll propably cost them a few bucks..

          Have you actually played some games in VR? And let’s not forget, even if it has only got a couple of games, let’s not forget some people only play one or two games constantly.. Also if you already look in the Oculus store (or SteamVR), there is already a lot of stuff you can get, all the big 3d game-engines support the Oculus (and vive) right out of the box, so if you want you can even download the UnrealEngine4 (or the CryEngine3 or Unity5) yourself and use their editor to build yourself a world you can walk through. Also a lot of developers have held their games back for release until end of march/begin april when the headsets actually arrive..
          I too think someone is mad for buying $400+ GPU’s, but I would not call them no-lifes, I’d rather call someone who bitches about the Oculus price a no-life……………

        • markyrocks

          Then don’t buy it and move along sir. You have a job in the computer industry lol. Maybe sweeping up after everyone goes home.

        • Ainar

          Y u insulting people who like spend more than 300 bucks on GPU? And now in all seriousness, read Oculus’ explanation on why they chose to go this way. They decided the ‘Tesla approach’ will serve better in bringing VR to the mainstream as for the moment it’s still a very niche market. If you want a solution that’s cheap at the cost of quality look up Gear VR.

      • markyrocks

        I know for real. Anyone who is serious about pc gaming realizes what high end components cost.

    • crim3

      Professional VR equipment costs more than a car, often more than a luxury car. Also, there is always OSVR

    • Viking Negro

      Why so sad about the new tecnology… This is the way to build tecnology, soon we will can work at home as at office.
      People with ill could enjoy the different experiences.
      My 1st computes cost more than every one now, and had only 66mhz, the word change with this tecnology and I’m glad to invest and made this comming true.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      uhh, I don’t know what country you’re from, but in our country even minimumwage is twice that much after taxes, and even welfare get’s you more than 700EU a month.. BUT to be honest, if you are earning minimumwage or are on welfare, you should not buy stuff like this, there are more important things you should spend your money on (like saving for when something bad happens)..
      And they are not out of stock, it is, first order first serve, just like it was with the DK2.. Shipping dates already went from end of march to april after a few hours when preorders started, also expect a longer shippingdate if you are not living in the US, march 28 was for US, not oversees.. So I guess a lot of other people don’t think it’s too much, according to Lucky sales are going very well..
      Yeah it would have been nice if the Headset was $350, which comes to about 390 euro (without shipping, so around 430 euro with), but then it propably would be slightly better than the DK2, and you wouldn’t want that to be your first consumer-version.. Appearantly the DK2 was even sold at a loss..

    • Kyle Rybski

      Any ideas how to reduce the price to what you’d like it to be? They’re taking a significant risk as it is, relying on software for profit in a new marketplace.

    • markyrocks

      Gear vr is for the masses

  • So sexy it should have a NSFW tag []-)

  • Black Knigth

    “But she’s got a new hat!”

  • crim3

    Not that I’m not going to be extemely pleased once this one is at my doorstep, but the DK1’s case was cooler :)

    • Mateusz Pawluczuk

      Ha ha ha I know right. It made me feel like a gangster carrying 1 mil in cash or something. This one is cool too, but it lacks the clips and everything else that made the old case so badass :)

  • Buttsie

    Friggin awesome cant wait for mine .you pay a premium for any new tech unfortunately just look at the prices of the latest Apple phones or tablets. Just hoping the Oculus touch are only the price of xbox or ps controllers

  • Andrew Jakobs

    As I see it, it’s just a rigit cardboard box, not as good as the plastic case of the DK1..
    Sorry, but this case doesn’t impress me much more than the cardboardbox my DK2 came in..

  • Viking Negro

    waiting for DK3, Im not in a hurry.