Oculus released a bevy of teaser photos in today’s rush to pre-order the new Rift, the company’s first consumer grade tethered VR headset. Among them was the DK1-style carrying case containing all the goodies set to come along with it. And it’s set to be totally “doper than ever.”

Bringing the company full circle from their Kickstarter days of 2012, Oculus is bundling the new Rift in a solid carrying case and doing away with the DK2-era cardboard box cardboard (not a dope storage storage solution in the slightest).

In an Oculus blog post announcing the March 28th shipment date of the first wave of Rifts, we’re shown a clipped view of the new carrying case, which seemingly includes cut-out space for the headset itself, IR camera, Oculus Remote, and wireless Xbox One controller.

We’re interested to see if the high-density foam (?) inserts will also allow room for the recently delayed Oculus Touch controllers (now slated for the second half of 2016) and additional IR camera. How the box is supposed to be closed and carried is also conveniently clipped out of view, not to mention the actual dimensions of the box.

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We’ll be following all things Oculus in the coming days at this year’s CES, so check back for more updates to this and much more.

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  • vrtualise

    The name’s Rift, Oculus Rift… ;)

    • Mageoftheyear

      “After you shee my prisch you’ll be shaken, not schtirred.”

      I kid! I Kid! :P
      I completely understand the price and am happy for Oculus’ success.
      Hopefully I’ll be able to afford a Rift and a rig to run it in a couple of years. :)

  • Another angle curtesy of M. Zuckerberg’s Facebook post:

    • Actually the handle looks a bit different to me

  • mellott124

    A nice case is always a good professional touch. Looks good.

    • P. Pzwski

      20 USD good, not 200 USD good.

      • mellott124

        The tech in that system is worth far more than $600.

        • brandon9271

          People are so butthurt over the price! lol they were expecting cutting edge tech for DK1 prices. Silly folks

  • Full_Name

    Cool, I guess since the price (“a bit more than 350”) was expected to land around 400, so the last 200 was to cover the case and that super awesome remote /s

  • Kev

    For 600 bucks that case better have a hole in the side that can replace my girlfriend.

  • P. Pzwski

    200 USD worth case…? Money money money… We love money so much…

  • Bob

    It’s sort of useless really because the device is not mobile capable unless the friend, person or place you were visiting owned an impressive PC themselves. Obviously a carrying case would make more sense if the device itself was completely independent and able to run on some sort of miracle battery untethered and using it’s own computer processing.

    • brandon9271

      Or… Maybe it’s just to protect your expensive investment when its not in use.

      • Bob

        Sure if they don’t mind taking each item out of the case, reattaching cables and then setting the whole thing up every time they needed a virtual reality fix. In most cases I don’t expect people to be bothered with all this hassle and most likely they’ll end up placing a connected RIft on a shelf or somewhere on the desk. I don’t think most people would find it to be an essential item at all; it’s a home-use device and a carrying case doesn’t really have any practical use other than transporting it to another location with a “VR Ready” PC. Just an opinion.

        • brandon9271

          Yeah true.. Well, perhaps the camera and wires can be left connected and then just disconnect the hmd and stick it in the case with the controller. I suppose it’s not necessary for most people but it’s probably an added bonus at minimal added cost.