In this episode, we continue our coverage of the big news coming from GDC 2014.  Ben Lang and Cymatic Bruce report on the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, Sony’s Project Morpheus, and much more.

The big news today was Oculus debuting and opening the order page for Development Kit 2. A step beyond their Crystal Cove prototype and shipping in July, the frenzy of ordering led many to errors and confusion that were quickly addressed by Oculus staff. Cymatic Bruce and I were both struggling to get our orders in this morning, but I believe all will be resolved once the dust settles.

Luckily, Ben and Bruce had the opportunity to give us a breakdown on their own experience with DK2. Their opinions on the device were positive and encouraging. I am anxious to have my “Christmas in July”.

Ben has been giving his thumbs a major workout live-blogging all of the events. The steady flow of data to the VR community has continued to quench our thirst for more information from the conference. Oculus has another talk tomorrow that Ben will be attending as well.

Is this the world's first virtual selfie?
Is this the world’s first virtual selfie?

Bruce got a chance to try out TraVR with the Virtuix Omni. He was “sweating bullets” as he raced around in their latest 360 degree treadmill design. We speculate a bit on how amazing it will be once we have the PrioVR and STEM systems along side the Omni. Wireless will definitely be a necessity in the future.

While we recorded this podcast, the guys felt the need to capture a photo. I felt like I was really there with them!

More to come as Bruce and Ben continue to report from the floor at GDC. Stay tuned!

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