In Early Access since the launch of the Vive last year, Vanishing Realms (2016) development continues, as stated in the updated roadmap on the game’s Steam news page. The acclaimed VR action RPG is due to receive a large update that launches the original game out of Early Access, with brand new content and new hardware support also in the works.

Remaining an Early Access title for HTC Vive since it launched with the hardware on April 5th 2016, Vanishing Realms has seen two major updates to address the initial feedback from players, and to add new features such a hard mode, new combat AI and improved weapon and item interactivity. The game was praised as a great early example of roomscale VR, delivering fun, immersive gameplay.

The launch roadmap was recently updated on the game’s Steam page, with the plan to bring the game’s existing two chapters out of Early Access for a ‘1.0 launch’, before work continues on brand new content for Chapter 3.

“Support for new hardware” is also listed on the roadmap, and likely to refer to Oculus Touch (not currently officially supported by the game); the game is technically playable on Rift and Touch, but it seems it would benefit from official support. However, the fact that Touch isn’t specifically named, and that developer Kelly Bailey is a former Valve employee, makes it at least slightly plausible that he is referring to the Valve ‘Knuckles’ prototype controller instead, though we aren’t holding our breath there.

As for the much anticipated new content, Chapter 3 promises “new weapons, magic, creatures and environments.” Bailey is staying quiet on pricing or release date for now, though he says it’s likely to launch as a paid DLC add-on to the game, rather than an entirely new title.