In Early Access since the launch of the Vive last year, Vanishing Realms (2016) development continues, as stated in the updated roadmap on the game’s Steam news page. The acclaimed VR action RPG is due to receive a large update that launches the original game out of Early Access, with brand new content and new hardware support also in the works.

Remaining an Early Access title for HTC Vive since it launched with the hardware on April 5th 2016, Vanishing Realms has seen two major updates to address the initial feedback from players, and to add new features such a hard mode, new combat AI and improved weapon and item interactivity. The game was praised as a great early example of roomscale VR, delivering fun, immersive gameplay.

The launch roadmap was recently updated on the game’s Steam page, with the plan to bring the game’s existing two chapters out of Early Access for a ‘1.0 launch’, before work continues on brand new content for Chapter 3.

“Support for new hardware” is also listed on the roadmap, and likely to refer to Oculus Touch (not currently officially supported by the game); the game is technically playable on Rift and Touch, but it seems it would benefit from official support. However, the fact that Touch isn’t specifically named, and that developer Kelly Bailey is a former Valve employee, makes it at least slightly plausible that he is referring to the Valve ‘Knuckles’ prototype controller instead, though we aren’t holding our breath there.

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As for the much anticipated new content, Chapter 3 promises “new weapons, magic, creatures and environments.” Bailey is staying quiet on pricing or release date for now, though he says it’s likely to launch as a paid DLC add-on to the game, rather than an entirely new title.

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  • Sam Illingworth

    Oooh, I much enjoyed that game, this should be good :)

  • NooYawker

    If it’s still in early access why is chapter 3 a paid dlc? Simply saying ok it’s no longer early access is all it takes?

    • xxTheGoDxx

      The base game was always supposed to consist off of two chapters, isn’t that clear from the store page?

    • dogtato

      It’s not like it’s a scam. Vanishing Realms in early access is more of a full game than almost all other VR games.

      • NooYawker

        Not saying it’s a scam. And I get it that indie companies put time and effort into a risky venture. I also enjoyed the title very much. But what exactly are they doing to pull it out of early access into full release? Maybe it’s just the timing that making me cringe.

        • David

          They? Isn’t it just one guy? The same guy that wrote all the money sic for the HalfLife games

    • Jay

      See Ark.

  • J.C.

    “Before starting work on chapter 3”? According to Indimo’s forum posts, CH3 is well under way.

  • André Marques

    I just bought this game and i have a Rift+Touch, should i refund it?

    • LaRocky

      Why would you refund it? it ‘works’ for the Rift+Touch, just not officially supported.

      • André Marques

        I didn’t know there was no support for the Touch controller.

        • Master Pok

          I have a rift. I buy a game on steam, and immediately see if it works with the oculus touch controllers, which they usually do, even if not officially supported. If the touch controllers don’t work I do a refund. .
          This game the touch controllers work fine. I’ve played up to almost the end.

        • Jeff Axline

          There’s no reason for you not to try it. The mechanics are pretty simple so I’d be surprised if everything doesn’t map over smoothly. You can play for some time and still get a refund.

        • Factual

          I have rift/touch and i can play it just fine. In fact, I absolutely recommend it. Its fantastic.

    • Gus Bisbal

      Stop asking the world what you should do and just make a call. Play it and ask for a refund if it does not perform. Why are you asking people how to be an adult?

    • David

      Why the heck would you do that? It’s one of the best games available in VR

  • Mike

    If they add an option for non-teleport locomotion, I’ll consider buying it.

    • David

      I get it…. Regular locomotion is better if you can handle it but you really are missing out if you pass this game up just because of that. There’s really nothing like it at this point which is unfortunate because it’s a tried a true concept. Every other dev seems to be concentrating on shooters which has totally saturated that segment of the market.

  • Simon Graham

    This is a fantastic game. I’m surprised it hasn’t been picked up by a big publisher tbh. It’s a VR essential imo.

  • Matt R

    Still my favourite game in VR. Will absolutly pay for DLC to support this Developer

  • Veraxus

    Give me Touch and Omni support, and I’ll never stop playing.

  • Robert2828

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