Virtuix Omni Kickstarter Starts June 4th with Giveaway Contest, New Gameplay Video with Oculus Rift and Half-Life 2

The Virtuix Omni VR treadmill is headed to Kickstarter on June 4th. The company has released a new gameplay video showing the Omni in use with the Oculus Rift and Half-Life 2. Virtuix will be giving away a number of Omnis prior to the launch of the Kickstarter

Anyone who has been following our site or indeed has any passing interest in VR matters will be aware of the Virtuix Omni. It’s a unique omnidirectional treadmill that promises to let you walk, jump, and even run inside of your favorite games. It’s an intriguing prospect and one that many see as another piece in the puzzle of complete VR immersion. When complimented with other hardware, such as the Oculus Rift and a motion sensing peripheral like the Hydra, it allows you edge closer to that all-body interaction that VR enthusiasts crave.

New Gameplay Video Shows Virtuix Omni with Oculus Rift and Half Life 2

Here’s the latest gameplay video showing the Omni running with Nathan Andrews’ custom Half-Life 2 VR mod.

We’ve also seen the Omni played with Team Fortress 2, and how it even allows for sprinting!

Virtuix Omni Kickstarter, Endorsed by Palmer Luckey

As reported by 3D Focus, Oculus VR Inc founder Palmer Luckey will be officially endorsing endorsing the Virtuix Omni in the forthcoming Omni Kickstarter campaign which starts on June 4th.

“Palmer and others (Chris Roberts, Paul Bettner) tried the Omni at SXSW in Austin this past March and greatly enjoyed it.  We were allowed to film our demo night for Kickstarter, so we’ll have some fun footage to share.  Palmer is endorsing the Omni for our Kickstarter campaign,” CEO Jan Goetgeluk told 3D Focus.

Be sure to read the rest of the 3D Focus Virtuix Omni interview.

Win a Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill or See it for Yourself

Leading up to the Kickstarter, Virtuix is going to be giving away an Omni each day for three days prior to the Kickstarter launch date. Sign up for contest details here. And remember, an Omni-a-day keeps reality away!

If you’re in LA on May 29th, Virtuix will be demonstrating the Omni in the Venice Beach area at 7:30PM PST. It’s an invite-only even with limited space available. Sign up for an invite here.


  1. Andreas Aronsson says

    Ah, so that is you WormSlayer? Nathan? Hah, I chatted with you on Twitch a while ago xD (BOLL7708 there) I’m really hoping Valve’s HL2-Rift-stuff gets included in the modding-suite, because my Hydra will arrive next week!! :D Very much looking forward to trying Hydra stuff out! HL2 in the Rift is quite awesome as is, but my brain just screams for a more natural control method.

    Also, on topic, the Omni seems really nice but I wonder if it will be compatible with my long legs… haha. And shipping to the EU will probably be expensive :p I guess when the Kickstarter launches I will know :) I’m curious on if they have actually settled for a tracking method yet, I remember them saying tracking would be integrated, but I cannot see anything obvious right now, though honestly I didn’t look for it that much.

  2. WormSlayer says

    Sorry no I’m not Nathan, I joined him to rebuild the weapon models and stuff. Yeah, in Bruce’s stream? Dude needs to stop doing them at 6am my time XD! We also hope Valve pimp the SDK soon. Vireio is great but the first party support is obviously better in many ways. Hopefully we should have a new alpha build out before your Hydra arrives! I’m in the process of doing a play-through now, it’s kind of epic :D

    If I wasnt broke, I would buy an Omni just to try it out but yeah someone said it may be around $400-$600, plus shipping for a bulky item, then maybe import duty too… May be painful for us EU types :S And yes there are still questions to be answered, hopefully on the 4th when the kickstarter goes live!

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