Beat Games announced that PlayStation VR users should expect the PSVR version of the hit indie VR rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) to arrive sometime later this year.

While it’s still uncertain exactly when PSVR users should expect to start slicing blocks to the beat, Jaroslav Beck, the game’s principal composer and studio co-founder, tweeted recently that the team is working full-time to finish the PSVR version.

We previously played a working prototype of the PSVR version at this year’s E3, and it was definitely a promising adaptation that generally worked well, although it bucked up against the headset’s tracking limitations. Here’s a quick blurb from our full hands-on:

At the game’s first showing on PSVR, here at E3 2018, Beat Saber made a promising impression. While the Move controllers don’t feel quite as responsive as the controllers on the major PC VR headsets, but tracking on PSVR was solid enough that I could handle the game’s tracks on the highest level of difficulty without much frustration. The only major issues came when my controllers exited the camera’s narrow field of view, which happened at one point in a song when I had to duck under one of the obstacles and hit notes while ducking, which ended up leaving my hands outside of the tracking cone, and unable to hit the notes.


Beyond the tracking limitations, the Move controllers physically feel quite nice for Beat Saber, considering that the shape of the handle is very hilt-like and easy to hold without accidentally squeezing the trigger during play. The haptics in the Move controller is also well suited to the game, offering a strong and satisfying vibration when hitting each note.

'Beat Saber' Update Adds 'Pro Mode' & Four More Modifiers, Multiplayer Badges

Beat Saber has taken PC VR headset users by storm, as it quickly hit the 100K milestone despite still being in Early Access. While you wait, check out our Beat Saber Early Access review here for the skinny on what makes Beat Saber tick.

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  • kuhpunkt

    They should fix the intensity on the Vive instead :/

    • Juan Ritz

      What do you mean by intensity?

      • kuhpunkt

        The vibration when you hit blocks has gone down a few weeks ago after some update. The feedback is just not like it used to be, which makes it less fun :(

        • Juan Ritz

          Oh interesting, I’m surprised that I hadn’t noticed.

  • gothicvillas

    Perhaps Sony is holding it back for a holiday season..


    Cannot wait to make a Beatsaber party, really!

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  • On PSVR they will sell even more what they already sold on PC :O

    • crazysapertonight

      Without hight quality tracking like Oculus and Vive have, the game won’t be so cool

      • John Wilhelm

        bullshit… the psvr tracking is easy and accurate