Bethesda Gives a Peek into ‘Fallout 4 VR’ in Crash Course Intro to Game Mechanics


In preparation for Fallout 4 VR’s upcoming December 12th launch on HTC Vive, Bethesda takes us through our paces with an intro to the game’s control scheme, base building mechanic, and V.A.T.S. focused combat, giving us a quick preview of what to expect next week.

Presented by Bethesda Community Manager Jessica Finster and Fallout 4 VR Lead Producer Andrew Scharf, the video shows the two main locomotion options: teleportation (which uses action points), and what Bethesda calls ‘direct movement’, otherwise known as smooth locomotion. ‘Direct movement’ mode allows both walking and sprinting in any direction simply by pressing down on the left controller’s touchpad in the desired direction.

When using the snap-turn function, which is ideal for front-facing setups, Finster commented “it seems like there’s movement for everyone,” likely alluding to the Rift’s standard tracking configuration.

Fallout 4 VR makes heavy use of the original’s 2D UI menu system

While Scharf didn’t mention any other comfort modes outside of teleportation and snap-turning, a ‘comfort vignette’ mode can be seen while Finster browses the game’s 2D menus, which could provide a sort of HUD to help keep players feeling more grounded, like you might feel in a cockpit.

Arguably one of the most natural fits for the PC-to-VR port is the game’s Pip-Boy wrist-mounted computer, which lets you flip through its various menus on the fly just like you would if you were really in the Wasteland. Finster admits using it might get tiring though, which prompts Scharf to explain that the Pip-Boy menu can be locked to the user’s point of view so you don’t have to raise your wrist to traverse the games settings. The selection in the menu can also be seen in the image above.

Pip-Boy in VR | Photo courtesy Bethesda

Workshop mode, which lets you build out your base, is shown in the video to be slightly more ‘VR-native’ as well. Presented with a carousel of items to choose from featuring 3D representations of the object, it looks like a nice break from the game’s flatter 2D UI.

image courtesy Bethesda

One thing we haven’t seen until now is the ability to pistol whip baddies if they get too close. Not being able to affect bad guys when they’re too close is definitely an immersion-breaker, so it’s great to see the game will allow you to flail wildly when you’re out of bullets and AP and still fend off the Feral Ghouls.

Lastly, the video shows a little of what Power Armor is like, where Scharf explains that stepping into the armor “scales you up” so you actually feel larger in the world.

'Fallout 4 VR' Now Comes Free With Purchase of HTC Vive

It’s still uncertain how Bethesda is going to handle Rift support, if the recent release of the company’s latest title Doom VFR tells us anything, Rift support will likely be available despite no mention by the company—something you can chalk up to bad blood over the $4 billion intellectual property dispute involving Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax and Oculus’ parent company Facebook.

Despite there being no Rift support at the launch of Doom VFR, the game was patched by Valve within hours of release, leading many to eschew the opinion that Bethesda specifically excluded Rift support for its game. It’s still uncertain if it was intentional or not, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on the Fallout 4 VR as it releases next Tuesday to report what unfolds.

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  • JesperL

    Missing hand presence.. But that aside, it looks great. And I was pleasent suprised to see that melee whip is possible.

    • DJHeroMasta

      You’re better off without them.

      • Rose

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      • JesperL

        I like your arguments on why… oh wait.. :)

        • DJHeroMasta

          This has been discussed since the launch of the Rift/Vive. Where have you been?

          • JesperL

            Oh I have been around, many other threads =) Thx for link. However – I still prefer hand presence. Would it not be great if they made the option to chooes hands or no hands ;o)

          • DJHeroMasta

            Grab a leap motion. I always see my hands. I believe they used to be $50 (when I bought mine) but the price has risen since. Check Ebay if you want a lower price (used) but Amazon for a new one.

  • Westbrock

    Hope you can push the Graphics a little more. I just preordered but still afraid this game is to ugly to really enjoy it for such a long time

    • Mods…

      • burzum

        Are mods confirmed for this? However, there is no way I’m paying 60 bucks for that, especially when I own the game already.

        • Westbrock

          payed 32 at Gamivo ;)

        • gothicvillas

          I got it free with Vive purchase :)

  • Da901

    Looks pretty neat. I just hope that we can hold two handed weapons with both hands. Hands would be nice too

  • bucrepus

    Advice and maybe missing something her;, the two locomotion options… So we can’t walk around in a room with the roomscale feature?? You have to teleport everywhere or button press to move?? This is played from a stationary position??

    • Weird Wizard Dave

      Roomscale movement will still work.

    • Ombra Alberto

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hahaha

    • There is no VR game that does not support roomscale, it’s impossible not to.

    • –Will–

      Hopefully mods will give us more options.

  • Courtney A Jeff

    Looking forward to this as a Christmas gift.Hope it works on the oculus.Praise Jesus!

    • Gus Bisbal

      Is Jesus responsible for game compatibility? Wow, he has moved on from the whole water and wine thing.

      • Courtney A Jeff

        What is impossible for man is possible for God.He gives us the desires of our heart.As minimal and trivial gaming is…it is a hobby to me and therefore important to God.He cares for every detail of our lives.

        • –Will–

          You may wanna give Far Cry 5 a shot, lol

  • Gus Bisbal

    Jessica Finster, hmm…. this person seems to have been hired because of a pretty look and because she is “cutesy”. She is community manager. I think she is more of a community pin up. Look I get it, It works, its a mainly male audience. Men are attractive to pretty women. But she isn’t talking to the community, she isn’t representing what the community would be questioning, she is not testing the limits of the game and demonstrating what the came can do at its edges. Andrew Scharf, the lead producer is doing that. The woman didn’t even ask a single probing question! WTF? Honestly, this is sexist because a good community manager that is a woman would have done so much more. Jess… do more. Stop the cutesy and start being passionate about the mechanics, the feel, the immersion, ans what the community is really going to question and ask for.

    • Westbrock

      Whaaaat..she is good looking and have a Job at Bathesta. Thats impossible! I clearly know that after watching the Video. They should fire her for beeing a witch!

    • ummm…

      im no sjw, but you could have provided the bulk of your criticism, some parts of it valid, without pointing out that she isnt a troll face. Maybe she is there because she is cute, maybe she is there because they wanted a different feel, maybe she is there just because they needed somebody there and made a choice contrary to your taste.

      If she was attractive and “probing” then you likely would have had no issue – so your core issue is not about her looks.

  • Luke

    in your opinion should the control scheme adapt good to oculus touch controllers?

  • Duane Locsin

    I am just so happy there is the option for full locomotion control.
    FallOut 4 is a huge place and traversing it with frequent teleportation I think would be more exhausting than actually walking the equivalent.

    Have downloaded DoomVFR, Fallout 4 VR and looking to get LA Noire and hopefully Skyrim VR for the Vive when it arrives.

    Looks to be a good holiday fun time when I get the chance to play them in a couple of weeks.

  • Sam Illingworth

    Does it include the DLCs? I own them for the original but haven’t played the extra story and location yet.

    • Glaubenskrieger

      No DLC unfortunately.