4. Add Lenses

Top view of the lens:

diy oculus rift lens top

Bottom view:

diy oculus rift guide lens bottom

To separate the acrylic lens from its harness, simply remove the thin rubber ring that keeps it in place. After that you should have no problems setting the lens free:

diy oculus rift guide lens removal

Now take a minute to look at the lens’ profile. You will notice that one side is rounder and ‘fatter’ than the other. Keep that in mind for the next step because the rounder side should face the LCD screen and the thinner side should face your eyes:

diy oculus rift guide lens removed

Next lay the foam-core case cutout so the two holes for the eyes are at the bottom and all v-cut fold lines are facing down. If you try to stick your face to the case as it is, you will notice that you are missing a cut out for your nose and now it is a good time to add one!

We are going to tape the lens in place next, first put both lenses on top of the circular holes, with the “fat” side of the lenses facing down. Once the lenses are in place, you can use two pieces of painter’s tape, one on each side of each lens, to hold them in place.

Here is what the case should look like with the lens taped in place:

Catch Road to VR Co-founder Ben Lang on the Between Realities Podcast

diy oculus rift guide lenses taped

By looking at this picture, you will notice that the piece of tape I used on the left side of the left lens and on the right side of the right lens covers about 1cm of each lens. I recommend that you do the same and then cover those two pieces of tape with another layer of opaque black tape – by doing so you will be unable to see the edges of the LCD screen which will in turn make your HMD feel more immersive.


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  • chubby8

    hi, i was wandering if you could do something similar, though instead of buying parts, i want to harvest them from a cheap second hand hd lcd projector ( possibly one where the bulb has died) . then using the hd lcd screen from inside the projector along with all the circuitry and wiring, then putting a back-light behind the lcd and using a similar box, lens and goggle setup. Hopefully ending up with a really cheap pair of vr goggles with hdmi and other inputs.

  • Volkan

    I made a Full HD screen kit for the oculus rift development kit. So if you have the dev kit you can convert it to Full HD. Just search the ebay for my auction. if orders rises I’ll do fixed price sales. Just hurry there is not much of them. FULL HD OCULUS RIFT SCREEN KIT

    • zetatron

      can you post the name of the display in here? I seach since 3 days for full hd display modules for my oculus rift. And is there a driver board to HDMI included or is it just the display?

  • harryloud

    hi there. i just got to stage 3 on building this when i realised that i couldnot download the autocad or pdf file. please may i get these files

  • reHgoc

    Hallo, I don’t understand, when a connect Freespace FSRK-USB-2 IMU and I couldnot download the autocad or pdf file at the stage 3?

  • Alka Uruskan

    Hey, how do you track the head movement ?

  • Hillcrest Freespace FSRK-USB-2 IMU not found mate