Foveated Rendering

Foveated Rendering

NVIDIA Adds Eye-tracking Support to VRSS Foveated Rendering Tech

NVIDIA is upgrading its Variable Rate Supersampling (VRSS) with support for headsets with eye-tracking, allowing the rendered application to improve performance by increasing quality...

Google Shares New Research into Foveated Rendering Techniques

Display resolutions are growing, but the graphical processing power to serve these displays with content isn't growing at the same rate. Enter foveated rendering,...

This Startup Aims to Deliver a VR Headset with ‘Human Eye Level’ Resolution

Varjo Technologies, a Helsinki-based startup now out of stealth, recently demonstrated what it calls the world’s first human eye-resolution headmounted display. Intended for its own...

ARM and SMI to Showcase New Mobile VR Eye-Tracking Demo at GDC

ARM Holdings and Sensormotoric Instruments (SMI) are teaming up at GDC to showcase the potential of powerful mobile GPUs, eye-tracking and foveated rendering technologies in...

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