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Oculus comes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week with an open booth for the first time at the annual show. What’s more, the booth looks to be a monster.

Oculus’ presence at CES up to this point has been fairly low key. Although they sported a smart, private booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center last year—space enough for demo rooms, meeting rooms and a waiting area—this year the now Facebook-owned virtual reality company appears to be going all-out on the floorspace with what may be one of the biggest tradeshow booths we’ve seen from them. Reddit user ThisIsMyRedditNameOK (har har!) revealed a sneak peak photo of the booth currently under construction just a few days before CES officially starts.

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CES 2015 will be the first time the company has an open booth available to all attendees of the show—as opposed to those with private meetings—occupying what we estimate to be some 3000 square feet on the map, with further space utilization with a two-story design. The booth dominates its neighbours’ offerings in the same hall.


As to what Oculus might fill their booth with however is at this point pure speculation. The company did recently tweet about the show, including the hash tag #CrescentBay, perhaps indicating that they’re ready to show their latest feature prototype—which debuted at Oculus’ ‘Connect’ conference in September—en masse for the first time. Previous showings of Crescent Bay however, which now sports 360 degree positional head tracking, have been mostly limited to closed-door, attended sessions. This new picture indicates fairly positively that they now have the ability to do those attended, closed sessions on a fairly large scale. We’d guess Oculus now have multiple demo Crescent Bay units ready to setup to show the public.

The tweet also included #GearVR, which presumably means Oculus will be showing the Samsung-collaborated mobile VR headset as well.

Oculus has some VR neighbors as well, including ImmersiON-VReliaVirtuix, AntVR, and the already infamous 3DHead.

Road to VR will be at CES 2015 all week and we’ll report back with more details when the show opens its doors officially on Tuesday the 6th January.

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  • proyb

    Funny, I’ve the same ideas for VR showcase in two story booth using cargo containers.