Create Your Own Solar System with the HTC Vive and ‘Planets’

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This short trailer for upcoming title ‘Planets’ demonstrates how the HTC Vive can let you create a ‘room scale’ solar system of your very own.

The HTC Vive, Valve’s first flagship VR headset built on the Steam VR platform is rapidly approaching it’s purported release date, said to be towards the close of the year, but news of things you’ll be able to to actually use on the system are still relatively thin on the ground.

Using Valve’s Lighthouse tracking system to enable a ‘room scale’ playspace, Planets is a simple title which allows you to populate your own mini solar system simply by reaching into the world with the Vive motion controllers, zapping them into existence and then setting them in motion.

The experience is being promoted by one half of The Virtual Dutchmen duo, although it’s not clear when or if the title is scheduled for release or even who the developer is. Either way, it’s another neat example of how powerful virtual reality could potentially be in the educational space – why pore over dry textbooks about our universe when you can step up and create your own?

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