You might know developer Abhishek Singh from his HoloLens version of Super Mario Bros. (1985) that went viral back in June 2017, or maybe his more recent AR recreation of the iconic scene from The Ring (2002) where the horrifying ghost girl emerges from the TV screen. Now, Singh has delved back into classic gaming with his latest project, a full AR recreation of Street Fighter II (1995).

Singh calls it the ‘Real World Warrior’ edition, which hypothetically lets multiple smartphone-clad players use on-screen controls to play the game just like the flatscreen version—except superimposed in the physical world standing on your table, or out in the town square.

As reported by the BBC, Singh says the game won’t be released for copyright reasons, but the he hopes it will help generate further interest in augmented reality.

Yes, he even included the famous bonus stage where a single player beats the ever-living crap out of a car for extra points.

You can check out all of Singh’s work on his website Shek.itWe’re hoping for an AR version of Shaq-fu (1994) next.

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  • Capcom may want to consider attempting this themselves :)

    • Sandra

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  • Jerald Doerr

    Ok… That’s pretty slick.. He just needs to work on the IK on the feet… But still… Got a give him high 5 for that one… And Mario.

  • Nads

    Thats the thing with AR, it only really works and looks good in videos. Actually playing in AR is cumbersome and bad, and actually feels nothing like watching a video of someone else play it. Maybe in a few years AR can take off when we can use AR lens or glasses without having to hold up a screen but until then AR is not interesting at all atleast for me.

    • Morfium

      I can’t wait for a full fov ar headset with reasonable battery life and ideally a way to use a computer over wlan as additional source of content.
      I don’t really see a headset that’s limited by it’s own hardware as too useful. I want it to enrich my home and got all the processing power right there.
      Like projecting virtual objects around the house that permanently run there like programs do on my desktop.

  • Carl Wolsey

    It looks like Streetfighter but it isn’t.

  • Jim P

    It will be cool when we can wear AR like glasses. Holding a phone or a big iPad does not work.