Let’s face it, when augmented reality headsets and glasses become commonplace, the world is going to get weird in a lot of unexpected ways. In the meantime, we can get a little sneak peek into that weirdness yet to come with Abhishek Singh’s latest ARKit project that recreated the iconic scene from The Ring (2002).

In the short 1-minute clip, Singh pans to the back of the flatscreen television to show that nothing is behind it, and turns on the scene from The Ring where the creepy vengeful ghost-girl emerges from the TV into the physical world. Just like the film, the ghost girl emerges from the TV, but instead of murdering him in a grizzly attack, he’s chased down the hallway to what we assume is his ultimate demise.

Get an eye-full of the creepiness below:

The project, which hasn’t been released publicly, was designed using ARKit, Apple’s software development tool that allows you to create augmented reality experiences targeted at pretty much any Apple mobile device running iOS 11.

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Considering ARKit doesn’t automatically map the position of walls or other things that might occlude your view of a virtual object, Singh is able to mimic the native function of a dedicated AR headset such as Microsoft HoloLens by applying occlusion shaders to manually map his space before hitting the ‘spawn dead girl’ button.

Singh is no stranger to the digital lime light for his projects either, as he’s the same developer that created an AR version of Super Mario Bros. (1985) that went viral back in June 2017. And while neither may be particularly useful, you can’t help but gawk at what may be the future of AR content.

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  • jean thompson

    Goodbye 3d movies…. hello AR movies!!! Imagine that!!!

  • lovethetech
  • lovethetech

    That’s a 65 inch Tv(Virtual TV) and the projector(Virtual Projector screen – Wall Street movie clip ) may be around 100 Inches

    • Gladys

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    • jean thompson

      I think that is a real TV. Why would he need to look behind it otherwise.

      • lovethetech

        plz check the video in the comments below . HoloLens Evolution of story telling in MR

  • LOL

  • Ryan Knapp

    The devs should post reaction videos on YT. They would likely get a lot more views.