‘DiRT Rally VR’ Launches July 11th, New Oculus Rift Update Trailer Here


DiRT Rally, the off-road racing sim from Codemasters, just got a brand new Oculus Rift trailer. Even better news: the VR version is officially coming to both the Oculus Store and pushing out to existing PC users simultaneously on July 11th.

Codemasters today released a new Oculus Rift update trailer alongside a blog post stating that the Rift-compatible version would be pushed out to existing PC players and the Oculus Store next Monday.

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Due to some ambiguity of a post made by Nvidia yesterday announcing the game’s July launch window, which initially stated that “DiRT Rally VR will launch with on [sic] the Oculus Store, while existing PC players will receive the update via Steam this month…” we weren’t exactly sure how the game would launch—whether it be an Oculus timed exclusive or otherwise.

Nvidia’s post has since been corrected to read “DiRT Rally VR will launch on the Oculus Store July 11th, and existing PC players will receive the update via Steam the same day.”

There’s still no word from the developers on when/if the Vive will receive support.

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  • Adrian Meredith

    Thank god for revive but seriously though why wouldn’t they build it on steamvr and support both headsets?

    • Trooper Gooner

      The Devs are so cagey on SM when you ask them about other VR support (Vive), they go silent on the question and answer all others around it that are non Revive related. If it is an exclusive for an early release on Rift first paid by FB, then I guess they may not have factored for Revive when these deals were initially signed. I think we can safely say Revive will have it sorted in the next day or two :)

  • I’m a bit confused because DiRT Rally on Steam has had Rift support since early 2015. It doesn’t work with CV1 though and that’s the significance here, or is just the release on Oculus Store? http://www.vrcircle.com/post/how-to-setup-dirt-rally-early-access-for-oculus-rift

    • jlschmugge

      The SDK for the CV1 broke early DK2 support. They had to start over from the ground up. Happened to a few games that supported the DK2.

  • jlschmugge

    Finally! I have been waiting 9 months for this. I stopped playing after I ordered My Rift in January because I didn’t want to finish any part of the game without VR. Hands down it was a major factor to upgrade my PC and pre-order a Rift.