Ready at Dawn’s Echo Games today announced at UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase that Echo Arena (2017), the zero-G sports game exclusive to Rift, is coming to Oculus Quest.

Echo Arena is sports game that initially launched on Rift back two years ago, and later went free-to-play for all Rift users. If you haven’t played it before, it’s a bit of a futuristic team-based game of ultimate frisbee meets ice hockey, albeit with more flying and punching.

Ready at Dawn told UploadVR that the Quest version will arrive in “all its glory.”

Unclear at this time is exactly when Echo Arena will arrive on Quest.

There’s no word either on whether Echo Combat, the paid VR shooter side of Echo VR will also make the leap to Quest.

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  • Justos

    heres hoping for echo combat as well. I like arena, but combat is my jam.

    • arlene

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  • Dariusz Dziewa

    Echo combat? when ? ;)


    Yup. Want Combat, please!

  • Nepenthe

    Hmm, I’ve never played it, but I think I remember people saying it might be a problem to do the Echo games on Quest due to all the times your hands are behind you pushing off of things.

  • I can’t wait for this, this is a game where I rotate a lot and with the previous tracking cameras it was annoying to have to keep in mind which way they were facing

  • James Beall

    Right out of “Enders Game” seems like eventually somebody will have a really good version of 0G combat . I hope I don’t have to wait too long to try it on the oculus quest

  • James Beall

    Lone Echo
    Anybody have a guess when it will be available for the oculus quest