We now have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the myriad eldritch horrors that lurk within Elden Ring (2022). One of the most well-known names in the VR modding community, Luke Ross, has released his Elden Ring VR mod for the PC version of the game.

Update (May 9th, 2022): Luke Ross’ Elden Ring VR mod is now available. Like his other mods, you’ll need to be a member of his Patreon page to get access to the mod (which is $10/month).

This is an early version of the mod and our understanding is that work is still ongoing. For now it supports only controller play, but gives you a full 6DOF experience, the ability to toggle between first-person and third-person views, slow down time, and even turn off enemy aggro so you can roam the lands without fear of being destroyed by horrible beasts. Our friend Cas dove into the mod to check it out first-hand:

The original article, which overviews the mod’s origins, continues below.

Original Article (April 25th, 2022): Over the past few months, Ross has worked to bring VR support to a host of non-VR games, including GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Mafia II, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Cyberpunk 2077. Now it’s time for the hit fantasy action RPG, which bids you to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the ominous Lands Between.

Ross dropped a preview of the Elden Ring VR mod on their YouTube channel, which shows off the immersive first-person exploration and melee-heavy combat, which for now doesn’t appear to be tracked to the player’s motion controllers. And yes: that’s the first enemy in the game.

Ross says on the REAL VR Patreon that the Elden Ring VR mod will “likely be a work-in-progress for quite some time.” The first playable version however should arrive “by the end of next week,” Ross says.

Additionally, Ross warns users should “[k]eep your VR legs in shape, because they’re really going to be put to the test.”

For the uninitiated, “VR legs” refers to the ability to handle discomfort resulting from the mismatch between visual sensory and the physical motion your body expects to feel in your inner ear. The so-called vestibular system provides a sense of balance and spatial orientation which can be thrown out of whack when VR games force you to do things like run and jump too fast, or otherwise encourage frenetic artificial movement.

Native VR games mostly side-step this with a set of clever locomotion settings, however a ground-up world-building approach is usually the key to deemphasizing offending behavior in the first place. Ross can’t do much about players being forced to ascend long and winding staircases, strafing continuously during combat, or platforming and falling to their deaths—all of which can bring on the dreaded flop sweats that typically precede full-on motion sickness.

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Additionally, some of the unique scripted animations seen in the flatscreen game won’t directly translate to the VR, i.e. constantly rolling and dodging out of the way. Speaking to PC Gamer, Ross says this:

“When rolling or performing other scripted animations like the combat moves, the camera follows the character’s head (so its position changes) but it remains oriented correctly according to what your head is doing in real life. So the horizon will stay level and the world will always look stable.”

It’s unsure how this will affect general playability, but it may not matter much. Being able to go face-to-face with the world’s unspeakable monsters and marvel at the game’s highly detailed dungeons and open-world environments is definitely going to be an eye-opening experience any which way you slice it.

If you’re looking to follow Luke Ross, you can check out updates posted to their Patreon page and Twitter. There you’ll be able to signup to become a member and gain access to this and all past mods Ross has created.

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  • Cless

    Meh… I mean, Its great, I just dislike the 1rst person thing. I want it in 3rd person, with a the floating UI, but being able to look around in VR with real depth.

    • Hivemind9000

      1st person is great for immersion, but it would be good to have the option of both. Given the flatscreen game is in 3rd person, I wonder why he opted for 1st person only? Especially since it would make it more challenging (for an already challenging game) as well as harder on my already shaky VR legs…

      • d0x360

        Well he’s doing both like he said but opting for first person in VR is the way it’s generally done because the point of VR is to put you into the world. Otherwise it’s really no different than playing a game on a 3d tv except the tv is strapped to your face

        • Cless

          Damn he is?! That’s awesome.
          And playing a game on a 3D tv except the tv is strapped to your face… is awesome. Games like Hellblade that are 3rd person that added a VR mode are great.
          In fact, this effect even works for old Game Cube and Wii emulated games on that old Dolphin VR fork.

          • Brenda Y. Lillis

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  • Ninjai71

    It’s one of the big missanderstandings that VR games always have to be in first person. Don’t get me wrong I love it, to be in vr in 1rst person but some games make more sense in 3rd person andd its still way better to able to see the world in 3d and around you. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice proved very well, how good a third person VR could be.

    • d0x360

      If VR isn’t first person then it’s no different from 3d tv and nobody ever wanted those, just ask Sony how much money their 3d games effort on the PS3 lost them.

      3rd person VR = 3d tv strapped to face.

      The answer is tons btw… Sony lost TONS of money in their push for 3d gaming.

      • NL_VR

        i dont agree, there is some good 3rd person VR-games.
        Moss for example.
        But i understand your point but its kinda nice playing a 3rd person game in VR with a full view of the world, even if you personaly cant interact with it.

        • Tommy

          Don’t forget Astro Bot, Chronos. Edge of Nowhere, Lucky’s Tale, Hellblade, and all the “God games” like Dino Frontier. Little Cites, ect…

      • Ookami

        Your stance only makes sense in games that use motion controls, Every Ross mod does not. He even explicitly says that he has no plans on adding motion support to his mods.

      • Rosko

        complete nonsense.

      • Beholder Tyrant

        Hellblade Shenua is masterpiece in VR… No like 3Dtv… Iam complete IN game

    • Chad Nikolaus

      100% games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in VR, Moss, and Lucky’s Tale show that it’s just as fun to follow a character in VR as it is to play in first person.

    • Mikael Korpinen

      I don’t like it. I like third person games, but in vr it feels like its one step too much.

      I’m just way too lazy for it. I tried hell blade in vr and I got small anxiety. Its just too weird to have that headset and controller and do it for hours. If I get immersed in to the game and can only play like 30-60 minute sessions when I feel like playing 1-2 hour session. Not good. But true vr content gives the same satisfaction in less time so the 30-60 session is enough

      If this is how VR will end up then I’m out upgrading headsets and other gear.

  • It’s cool that the game of the year is getting a VR mod!

  • Darrin Inwood

    He has confirmed on Patreon that the mod will allow both first and third person modes. Probably a toggle option like he implemented with Horizon Zero Dawn which worked brilliantly well.

    • Anastasia Mitchell

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  • david vincent

    I guess that mod is using the same alternate eye rendering shite that is used in the last Ross’ VR mods ?

    • PsYcHo

      ofc otherwise no gpu on the market rn can render this game twice at 4k at over 60fps.

      • david vincent

        Sure it’s obvious to both of us. But it should be known to everyone to avoid disappointment, don’t you think ?

        • PsYcHo

          i was absolutely never disapointed with it in fact i pay double the moders patreon to support him,spent more time in gta v,red dead 2 and cyberpunk than normal vr games,never had a problem with AER but i never got motion sickness so idk about other people.

    • Mikael Korpinen

      Thanks for that. Saved me from disappointment

  • Headline: Elden Ring’ is Getting an Unofficial VR Mod This Week

    Article: The first playable version however should arrive “by the end of next week,” Ross says.

    The headline is misleading, that week is over and the mod did not come out because it was never coming out “this week”, but “next week” (i.e. the following week).

    • Herbert Werters

      It’s out now! Yehaaa!

  • Tommy

    I’m sure it works great with an RTX 5090ti…

  • Zack71

    Ross could make much to avoid motion sickness, first introducing room scale, so that you can turn without using gamepad and without recentering every 2 seconds; second introducing aiming with controllers.
    Praydog, another modder working on Resident Evil titles, is doing a great work and…you don’t have to pay him!
    Ross says that he do not want to do this, because he prefer not to change control mode: but this is a lie!
    He prefers make a new mod for a new game every 2-3 months, so he can earn lot of money: in this moment he has got 2500 patreons, this means 25000 bucks every month!
    This is the Truth, dear Ross!

    • Beholder Tyrant

      I prefer paymodel as Vorpx.. expensive at start, free upgrades, every new games have support soon as possible…no shite patreon..
      Quality isnt like ross, but playable.. In GTA i have sea sickness after hour of play.. In RE mods i no have sicknes and its free …

  • Ookami

    I haven’t played Souls-like games, but my impression is that this game would work better as a 3rd-person VR game, or else it needs to be redesigned to work better in VR–something Ross doesn’t really do.
    EDIT Apparently there’s a 3rd person option. Bu I don’t know how to delete this reply lol.

  • Cless

    Its out! Time to test it! :D

  • The Lord

    Cas, the lesbian? An abomination according to my Bible. You will burn in hell for supporting her, lucifer.

    • James

      An abomination according to my Bible.

      Now see, that’s your problem. You should get a Bible without that misprint they had about lesbians being an “abomination.” It was supposed to say “lesbians are adorable.” They corrected that in later editions.