First Look: Google Demos Android ‘Daydream’ Platform for High Performance VR


Google’s newly announced ‘Daydream’ promises to raise the bar for virtual reality on Android compared to Cardboard. At I/O 2016, the company showed the first glimpse of Daydream in action.

In the video (above) we get the first glimpse of the Daydream ‘home’ space where users will be able to launch games and apps. We also see Google’s new VR controller reference design in action, which allows gesture-based interactions within the virtual world.

More on Daydream / Android VR:

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  • PianoMan

    ‘High Performance VR’ not too sure on that! The poly count is very low and very basic and I understand they need a cheap and cheerful means of interaction, but feel they’ve missed a trick with it and I wonder how accurate it is. Still, it’s better than nothing and I imagine will become the Wii of VR.

    • TechnoHunter

      good comment

    • DiGiCT Ltd

      Indeed, for high detail VR a pc is still needed, but its not bad for a mobile VR device what it does, you need to get used to cartoon low poly , but that still in most cases the same for 2d mobile games.
      On the other hand you also need to consider that a lot of mobile devs are not capable to make 3d art.