At Google’s I/O event in San Francisco today, they’ve announced that in Android N, they’re including a complete platform and ecosystem built entirely for virtual reality. The platform is called ‘Daydream’.

VP of Virtual Reality Clay Bavor took to the stage at Google’s I/O conference today to announce Daydream, a high quality platform and ecosystem for Android based virtual reality.

Google are creating Daydream to offer a fully optimised software platform and ecosystem for VR developers to build compelling mobile VR experiences against.


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On stage, Bavor described how Google’s developers have managed to integrate VR performance optimisations into Android N to deliver those all important low motion to photon response time. He also alluded to new reference VR headset, coming later this year in the Fall along with a new motion controller.

Daydream will be built around Daydream-ready hardware, with specifications that meet minimum requirements to qualify to drive Daydream VR apps.

Bavor went on to state that developers can begin working towards building their own Daydream apps right now, with more on Android VR detailed at the specific keynote speech by Bavor tomorrow.

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  • PrymeFactor

    Somewhat underwhelming annoucement. Basically their own version of the GearVR, but with potential fragmentation issues.

    Nothing on positional tracking, project Tango or a self contained headset.