FlyInside FSX, a project that brings VR support to Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006), has been successfully funded in its first week on Kickstarter with 23 days left in the campaign.

It’s been quick ride for Daniel Church, the mind behind FlyInside. Only having launched the campaign a week ago, the project has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $13,500. In response, Church has initiated an open dialogue with his backer community about how to add value to his innovative plugin.

Suggestions for possible stretch goals range from motion platform support to Prepar3D support, which would allow users to create and run their own custom training scenarios, all while experiencing modifiable real-time weather system for extra realism.

FlyInside FSX Kickstarter

Projected features include an in-cockpit virtual desktop so you can view online tutorials, flight videos, webpages, and charts—all accessible without the need to take off the VR headset. 4k super-sampling (available in the Alpha preview demo), zoom functionality, and in-game magnifying glass for easier gauge cluster reading are slated for the software’s November release.

Because FlyInside FSX is a plugin, would-be VR pilots need to own a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X to fly the friendly skies in virtual reality. Church suggests getting the Steam version, as it has been updated to work on Windows 8.1 back when it was added to the game distribution platform in 2014.

A digital copy of FlyInside FSX runs $35 through the Kickstarter, with estimated release in November. Adventurous beta testers can come along for the ride as early as August with the $65 reward tier.

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