Funomena, the indie studio behind VR puzzle game Luna (2017), today launched their first app for Magic Leap One. Called Luna: Moondust Garden, the AR game is billed as “a playful extension” of it VR big brotherallowing players to plant a musical garden and interact with its cute inhabitants in AR.

Luna: Moondust Garden is the platform’s second paid app following the release of Insomniac Games’ Seedling (2018) earlier this month, an experience that also focuses on planting and growing your own otherworldly garden in AR.

Moondust Garden lets you explore Bird and Owl’s charming garden, bringing a new story from Luna’s storybook to your living room. It focuses primarily on casual gameplay such as hunting for moondust that’s been hidden throughout the garden, using the moondust to grow plants, and eventually building a big garden so that the sad Fox will cheer up and come out from hiding.


Funomena says Moondust Garden “crafts a unique, intimate experience by leveraging Magic Leap’s scene reconstruction (room scanning) and spatialized audio which allows you to see the story coming to life in your environment.”

Luna: Moondust Garden launches today on Magic Leap World for $5.

Insomniac Launches 'Seedling', Magic Leap One's First Paid App

While queuing up a second gardening game so soon may feel like a misstep by Magic Leap, the company’s AR headset is still very much intended for developers and enterprise users willing to shell out the $2,300, so it’s not like the company is swinging for the fences in terms of content sales just yet. If anything, these early days will serve as important times for the company to address how it handles user feedback, payment processing, etc. as it gears up for a consumer release at some point.

The company’s digital distribution platform, Magic Leap World, already features a few free experiences and games including Weta Workshop’s InvadersAngry Birds: First Person Slingshot, Sigur Rós’ music experience Tónandi, and Magic Leap’s sandbox experience Project Create.

We’re also waiting to see what results from the company’s massive developer grant program, which has earmarked an “eight-figure number” for prospective devs looking to create apps for Magic Leap One.

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  • JesuSaveSouls

    Lenovo mirage needs this and more than jedi challenges.I would like to see mixed reality and mirage solo to access ar apps.

    • Konchu

      I also thought this was strange not to do anything else with the Lenovo Mirage.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Congrats magic for what looks like a excellent app.

  • I ask the same question I always ask with Magic Leap games: I wonder what platform this game will be successful sold under? Because it’s not Magic Leap. Nobody but developers are ever going to see it.

  • Lucidfeuer

    At least they have good curation. I could go as far as registering for an account just to get these few titles knowing I’ll certainly never use or want to use a Magic Leap.