Here are the Games Launching with Oculus Touch


A number of games compatible with Touch were announced yesterday at Oculus Connect, ensuring at least 8 titles launching simultaneously so you can play right out of the box.

Although Touch won’t be shipping alongside the Oculus Rift, which is slated to hit stores in Q1 2016, this year’s Connect marks the very beginning of when developers can get their hands on the controllers and start integrating them into their creations with the help of the Touch SDK.

Touch, along with these games, will be shipping shortly after in Q2 of 2016. A second tracking camera is being bundled with Touch to provide a larger tracking volume.

Touch Launch Games

We counted 10 distinct games in the promo video, and didn’t see Pulsar Arena present, so the unofficial count may be even higher than anticipated. A sports title and a VR version of Vertigo Games’ World of Diving were both seen in the video, which we will confirm as soon as the information comes out.

Oculus Connect ends today, so check back for more game previews, inside looks, and interviews soon to come.

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    That last football one looks pretty cool