Google has pushed an update to its VR paint program Tilt Brush (2016) that finally lets you intuitively drag your 3D creations in from Blocks (2017)the company’s latest 3D modeling app for VR.

Before the new Tilt Brush update, importing a model you built-in Blocks required you to manually move the file over between folders, and then select the item as a media object so you could gussy it up with all the wonderful lights and effects Tilt Brush is known for.

Now with Google’s latest update, you simply need to select any of your Block-created objects directly from within Tilt Brush’s hand-held menu. If you have already played around with Blocks, creations you published to will automatically show up alongside the list of locally stored models.

The update also makes it easier to import others’ Blocks models from, which already hosts a big selection of user-created models. To import someone else’s object, you simply need to browse the site and “like” it.

It’s amazing what you can do with the low poly objects created in Blocks now that you can rotate, resize and plonk them down any where you want in Tilt Brush. Take a look at how artist Andreas Grontved built his own pirate ship using both programs.

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You can download Blocks now for free for Vive or Rift on their respective stores (Steam, Oculus Store). Tilt Brush is however no longer free with purchase of HTC Vive, and sells for $20 on both Steam and the Oculus Store.

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  • Luke

    if I have Google Blocks on Oculus Home and Tilt Brush on Steam can I import my creations anyway? thx

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      Why don’t you try ? Besides Blocks is free, you can install it and launch it threw Steam VR, no charge.

      • Luke

        thx for suggestion, unfortunately I had to send back my oculus rift because it had a strong “mura problem”.

  • Nocebo

    FYI Andreas Grontved built his pirate ship exclusively w/ tilt brush. No blocks integration. Coincidentally a year ago. Still really cool though.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Tilt Brush is the only thing Google did right in VR. In fact, it’s the Dreams (by MediaMolecule, makers of Little Big Planet for Playstation) of PC.