You’re still burning through Half-Life: Alyx—or maybe you’ve finished it already—but if you’re wondering where to go after playing one of the highest-rated VR games to date, you may do well to jump into these ten ‘guaranteed fresh’ VR titles next.

Here we take a look at a few games that you may like if you dig story, combat, puzzles, and large world just waiting to be explored.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a slightly tuned-down RPG that’s just begging to be bigger in size, although it didn’t bite off too much in its quest to deliver an engrossing story, excellent physics-based zombie killing action, and an immersive atmosphere that feels as gritty and deadly serious as The Walking Dead comic books.

It’s a great title to jump into next if you’re looking for more gunplay and zombie-ganking action. Upgradeable weapons are a big plus. Check out why we gave it [9/10] in our full review.

SteamOculus Store (Rift) 


You might think of Boneworks as a Half-Life VR game before any such title was released, at least that’s what it feels like given its zombies, mechanical head crabs and copious crowbar action. Although it’s light on the story and sometimes challenging in the comfort department, this physics-driven game can be truly magical when it works just right.

Detailed weapon interactions and enjoyable slow-motion shooting are a big attraction, with its Arena and Sandbox modes offering up a great opportunity for extended gameplay. Check out our full review here.


Until You Fall (Early Access)

Ok, so it isn’t a zombie shooter in the slightest, but Until You Fall’s quality speaks for itself. It’s a pretty impressive hack-and-slash game that will send you through procedurally generated rogue-lite dungeons. You’ll battle your way through a string of rooms populated with enemies of increasing difficulty using your own two hands.

Until You Fall successfully fuses VR sword combat with meta-game elements in a way that no other VR title has yet managed. Check out our early access review here.


In Death

In Death is an extremely difficult roguelike bow-shooter that is both extremely well realized and frustratingly hard. If you’re into punishment, the seemingly infinite number of Purgatories that await ought to get you at least a little bit excited, because In Death promises a constantly increasing level of difficulty along with cool unlocks as you die time and time again. Expect to put in a lot of time into your permanent sojourn in Purgatory to get the most out of it.

High visual polish and a varied swath of enemies are sure to keep you on your toes in a way even the most difficult HLA enemies can’t. Check out why we gave In Death [8/10] in our full review.

SteamOculus Store (Rift)PSVR

Red Matter

Too much violence in your life? If you dig the puzzles and rich atmosphere of Half-Life: Alyx, Red Matter will probably be up your alley. As an adventure puzzle set in a soviet-style retro-future universe, there aren’t any enemies to shoot, only puzzles to un-puzzle as it were. Red Matter really does a great job of showcasing impressive worldbuilding that still stands head and shoulders above many of its contemporaries.

Make sure to read up on our review to see why we gave it [8.3/10].

Steam – Oculus Store (Rift, Quest) – PSVR

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senau’s Sacrifice is an action-adventure game that actually simulates psychosis, something that’s really intensified in the VR mode of the game. The world of Hellblade is not only visually breathtaking, but the little things seem to draw you in even deeper in VR than on standard monitors; the game’s disembodied voices whisper into your ears and criticize your every move, level geometry mysteriously changes as you look away to accomplish another task, making you question your own sanity.

Emotion-filled cutscenes originally made for flatscreens are masterfully retained in the VR version by zooming the world out to a black void at key moments in the story, giving you a 16:9 window to view the drama as it unfolds. It’s a definite must-play.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fus-Ro-Dah! First released for PSVR and later for PC, Skyrim VR shows that you can bring an older, more mature game to VR and have great results. Besides some obvious holdbacks and design tropes from an early era in gaming, its vast and rich world, great voice acting and depth of play mostly make up for its shortcomings.

Melee is a bit of an afterthought, and menus are a bloody mess in VR, but you can’t help but grin ear to ear at the immersive feeling of looking over a mountain vista as the Sun sets over Tamriel.

Steam – PSVR

Asgard’s Wrath (Rift Exclusive)

Melee action. A giant world built on the Norse mythos. Puzzles, story, and enough mead to satisfy any would-be viking. Asgard’s Wrath serves up a truly competent RPG that’s not only strong in the visual department but is also packed with a full set of VR-native controls, something that’s been so far missing in ported RPGs. There may be some wonkiness when it comes to object interaction, but the charming set pieces and excellent character design lend a level of immersion to this truly feature-length game that’s hard to beat.

Check out why we gave it a solid [8.8/10] in our review.

Oculus Store (Rift)

Lone Echo (Rift Exclusive)

Offering a suspenseful story, characters that feel human, and sci-fi backdrop that hits all the right beats, Lone Echo is an impressive entry into the VR adventure genre that begging for multiple series. If the concept of “VR legs” ever existed, you won’t need them in this zero-g space adventure that lets you fly with ease for hours at a time.

Hailed as Road to VR’s best VR game for Oculus Rift of 2017, check out why we gave it [9/10] in our review.

Oculus Store (Rift)

Stormland (Rift Exclusive)

Stormland has delivered on its ambitious vision of making VR open-world adventuring a reality, thanks to smart design on both macro and micro scales. While there’s some rough edges, the game brings enjoyable combat, innovative world traversal, and satisfying interactions to the table in a way rarely executed as well on their own, let alone together in a single experience.

With fully-featured two-player co-op and the potential for long term replayability in the Cycling World, Stormland sets a new bar while at the same time laying out a well-formulated framework that will benefit VR games of the future. Check out our review to find out why we gave it [9/10].

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You may also like…

  • Fallout 4 VR – Enter the Wasteland in VR. Top-tier GPUs only. Menus and looting sucks, but where else are you going to nuke a village in VR?
  • Blade & Sorcery – Full-on physics simulator with no story, but awesome array of weapons and ample opportunity to stab people literally through their heads.
  • Robo Recall (Rift & Quest) – Arcade-style shooter from Epic Games that holds up super well, even three years after being released for Oculus Touch in 2017.
  • Lies Beneath (Quest) – A new shooter on Quest that definitely delivers on visual polish, atmosphere and shooting fun as you traverse through a dark, comic book-inspired world filled with demons.

What would you suggest to a VR newcomer looking for suggestions after Half-Life: Alyx? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Dan Helyar

    Uhhh, no Lone Echo??

    • f

      Uhhh, relax its not a top five list or best of, its just a list.

      • Dan Helyar

        3 of these are clearly mentioned due to their similarities to HL:A. Lone Echo to my mind is one of the most Half Life-ish games out there, VR or not, from a story telling perspective.

        EDIT: For the record Until You Fall would probably be in my top 5, but it makes no sense in this list.

    • Leon Jimenez

      I see Lone Echo on the list.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Excellent list.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    maybe I should try this game again. Played for like an hour and died far too much. Been a year or so at least.

    • Immersive Computing

      Give it a try, for sure. I didn’t enjoy it at first, but perseverance payed off.

      I don’t even concern myself with how far I get each run, it’s just an awesome combat experience that is surprisingly physical. I cannot play other bow shooters since, as “In Death” feels simply sublime.

  • MeowMix

    Boneworks and Until you Fall are also available on the Oculus store.
    Good list and thx !

  • Arashi

    Bah. Nothing comes even close to HLA. Too bad really

    • mirak

      Obduction beats Alyx environments and puzzles by a god margin.

  • I really loved Red Matter, especially on Quest. Its environment had a style that I liked a lot

    • Immersive Computing

      I need some time to play through Red Matter properly, it’s a beautiful looking game with great interaction.

    • NooYawker

      I was thinking of picking that one up. I mostly likely will.

  • mellott124

    I just finished Alyx last night and I was wondering what to do next. I think I’ll go back to Saints & Sinners. Problem is I keep trying to gravity glove everything…

  • Alextended

    Apex Construct is very Half-Life style in its pacing and juggling of interactions/puzzles and combat encounters. Much more so than some of the games in this list. It’s a little more segmented with its hub vs mission loop (which imo could have been handled a bit better to conceal the fact it is segmented rather than make it obvious) but way, way better than the mixed user reviews suggest. I only got it last year and regretted not getting it sooner.

    • Jay

      thanks. ill give it a try on viveport

  • Exar

    No The Wizards, best VR spellcasting game?? Geez, again a list without it?

    So prepare for soon incoming and improved sequel The Wizards: Dark Times !

  • Alextended

    You’re still using the bow? Granted it’s more “fun” (to me) but the crossbow is so much more effective you’re only gimping yourself. I wish it had something that made it better in some ways to make it a real choice rather than a pure upgrade.

    • Immersive Computing

      Didn’t like the crossbow, the longbow is perfect for fast movement and hectic combat

      It’s incredible with Index controllers though I use them with boosters and the straps loose as I found being strapped in cramped my trigger finger and gave less accurate ‘bow’ hand.

      • Alextended

        I dunno, the crossbow is super speedy to both reload and fire as you don’t need to pull the string further for variable strength, it’s like a machinegun at top effectiveness for every shot if you get into the groove, haha. Maybe you need more practice with it as you spend a lot of time with the bow early on before you unlock that. You don’t need to steady it with two hands if that’s what you’re doing, it’s just a visual effect really, it’s equally accurate with fast firing it with one hand while the other constantly reloads. I do wish the bow had an effective advantage but i’ve not noticed any myself. Cool though.

        • Immersive Computing

          I prefer the bow because I shot alot of archery when I was younger, so it’s an old muscle memory that in VR feels very immersive. The forehand is stabilizing the bow, rear hand is movement and combat arrows. Feels very fluid, spent time trying the crossbow just wasn’t my thing…

    • Martin355

      I only use the bow precisely because it’s more fun. I love the mechanics of using a bow. My one complaint about HL:Alyx is that I would have liked it more if you had a bow instead of guns.

  • AlanWake

    This is just random games, nothing to do with HL: Alyx. The only game is like Alyx is Boneworks.

    • mirak

      Obduction as awesome environments and puzzles.
      But you can’t shot kill or die. xD

    • NooYawker

      Boneworks is nothing like Alyx.

      • Mike Runyon

        It absolutely is. I don’t even know how you can sit there and say that. The Devs even said HL series was their biggest inspiration. You are either retarded or are a troll, probably both…

  • Bumpy

    Boneworks seems to be where its at.

  • nejihiashi88

    try it with a resistance band attached to your hand will give you a real workout and feels more realistic xD

  • mirak

    Oculus exclusive shouldn’t be there.
    You should not encourage Oculus to do exclusives.
    List of people will not buy every headsets.

    • Chad

      Let’s not make it sound like Oculus is the inventor of exclusives. There have been system exclusives since video games started. If they are going to put all the money into the development of a game, they have every right to make it an exclusive.

      • J.C.

        I agree with you! I also think that they’ve made a lot of money off people who are getting absolutely zero technical support.
        Oculus Store wouldn’t get ANY of the hate it currently gets if they’d officially add in support for other headsets. They’ve said before that they don’t care about making money on the hardware, so why stay hardware exclusive?

        Do you think they’d change their business model if Steam suddenly stopped supporting their hardware?

        Oculus needs to put money into more than JUST exclusives.

        • Chad

          I also agree with you. I think they could make more money if they added in support for other headsets on the oculus app. Until a true competitor to the quest comes around, Oculus won’t even consider changing who they are. I think it will be a bit before another stand alone headset with the features and price of the quest sees the light of day. So Oculus will keep being Oculus.

      • NooYawker

        They can for the quest because it can work as a stand alone. But it’s shitty to create rift exclusives when you have to plug it into users PCs.

  • Why does The Forest never make anyone’s list? It’s an AMAZING survival game, and super intense in VR.

    • Mads

      Because it’s not at all like Half Life:Alyx… Read the title of the article.

  • johngrimoldy

    An enthusiastic vote for Alien: Isolation. Plays very similar to HLA. Absolutely terrifying to be chased by the Alien. It has VR baked in, but was released as pancake only. A simple hack unleashes the VR. ‘Played this a couple years ago and was knocked out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and can be had very cheaply.

  • Ad

    Onward, Pavlov, Transpose, Form, Vacation Simulator, Talos Principle, and even PayDay 2 should be on here.