Hulu’s dedicated VR app will no longer be supported on a number of headsets starting tomorrow, June 17th, the company says.

According to its list of supported devices, the premium video streaming service will quietly be discontinuing its VR apps on PSVR, Oculus Go, and all Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The only remaining supported VR headsets are Oculus Rift and, strangely enough, Samsung Gear VR.

This comes only a few months after Hulu axed its VR app on Google’s Daydream VR platform, which has since been discontinued in whole by Google itself. Daydream is among the headsets mentioned above to lose Hulu VR support on June 17th, however it was actually dropped last September.

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In addition to its regularly accessible 2D programming, Hulu VR includes bespoke 360 content, such as video from Live Nation, National Geographic, and its own produced content such as comedy series Door No. 1

It’s uncertain whether Hulu’s virtual ambitions are gone for good however. The company may be preparing some other integration of its video streaming services into a larger app, such as Facebook’s upcoming Facebook Horizon social platform. We’ll leave any further speculation for the comments section though.

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  • Arcticu Kitsu

    Never heard of them ever having one…. They probably assumed VR was a gimmick so they kept things on the down-low. If that is true they should have been marketing more, as with other Corporations and companies “testing the waters”… I’m assuming about them assuming, its interesting.

    If they revamp their VR software then maybe they’ll do better with actual proper legit marketing. These companies need to start treating VR seriously then they wouldn’t be bailing constantly…….

  • Anfronie

    They probably got some exclusive deal with someone. Exclusives in any context is anti-consumer.

  • sfmike

    What we need is a Movies Anywhere VR app for the Quest.

    • dk

      so the browser

      • Holly Keefer

        Yes you can still access Hulu on the vr web browser but it’s much easier (at least for me) with the app. No need to type in the website. Just click on the app and you’re good to go.

  • MeowMix

    I use the Oculus web browser to stream Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other video content. It seems to work much better than the native app and its better on thermals (for Oculus GO at least), than using the apps.

    Bonus – you can reorient your horizontal axis for easy couch watching (something you couldn’t do with the Hulu app).

  • Alexisms

    Does anyone really enjoy watching a 2d show/film is a vr headset? Watching a screen thru another screen with the accompanying loss of resolution. Crazy.

    • blue5peed

      It’s the only way I watch films now. Most things as well but especially films. I feel like I lose too much just watching it on a TV I need the isolation and scale. You lose some resolution but it is not bad on Rift S. And if you feeling lonely it’s fun to watch with others in big screen. There are even clubs like the VR Anime society.

    • wheeler

      Personally I just don’t find it worthwhile. It’s less visually comfortable, less ergonomically comfortable, hotter, higher friction, makes it more difficult to multitask, and looks worse than a standard desktop monitor.

      The only benefits that really appeal to me are that you can lie down while viewing if you’re really tired and it’s cool for some social situations.

    • Dave Arendash

      Yes, especially on planes, and when my wife wants the big TV

    • James Cobalt

      Last year there were a few days where a back injury kept me stuck in bed facing the ceiling. If it wasn’t for Quest, my eyes would have been very bored. I could listen to podcasts and audiobooks, but my eyes were always stuck counting ceiling tiles. It really wasn’t that bad. OLEDs are beautiful for video – the lower subpixel resolution isn’t that noticeable here, and I appreciated the deep blacks while binging Netflix’s Dark.

      • Alexisms

        Nice! Watched about the first 4 or 5 eps of Dark, just can’t get into it :-(

  • ctrl-z

    Sorry to see it go. I like their vr watching environments. Hulu had a very nice free app there. Hopefully they’ll reboot in the future.

  • Dan Lokemoen

    OH NO, MY . . . VR HULU APP IS GOING AWAY!! Crazy — all three people who used it have commented below.

    • Dan Lokemoen

      Yeah, it sucks if you used it I’m sure, but, something about it just seems funny.

  • Hulu was one of the most popular apps on GearVR… now that 3DOF is leaving place to 6DOF it is having less success probably

  • dk

    meh u can watch hulu through a browser

  • cody

    psvr hulu is now shut down as of 9-24-2020