360 degree immersive video specialist Jaunt VR has today announced that it’s become a preferred VR content creator for Google as the search giant ramps up its presence in the VR space.

Jaunt has risen to become one of the most prolific of 360 degree, cinematic VR content providers over the last couple of years, with a dozen or so experiences available across multiple VR platforms, from Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard.Jaunt_logo_CMYK_Dark

Google has now named Jaunt a preferred content provider with early access to it’s ‘Jump’ program, Google’s 360 video initiative which includes their ‘Assembler’ stitching and post-processing pipeline. Jaunt will however apparently continue to use their own camera rigs to capture content.

Google Jump's Assembler Stitching in Action
Google Jump’s Assembler Stitching in Action

Google have been a support of Jaunt’s for some time, with it’s ‘Ventures’ arm having led a funding round last year to the tune of $27.8M.

“Jaunt has produced some of the most incredible premium VR experiences available today, so we’re incredibly excited to work together, and bring immersive VR video to everyone,” stated Clay Bavor, Vice President of Product at Google.

It’s not entirely clear what form this ‘high end’ cinematic VR will take or how the announcement affects Jaunt’s creative output. We’ll have to wait and see if Jaunt’s adoption of Jump reaps benefits in resolving the tough technical problems around the post-processing of 360 degree, stereoscopic videos.

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  • kalqlate

    Question for anyone in the know: 360 capture looking outward from a central point is common on many devices. Is there any Android software to stitch together a VR walk-around view of an object of interest? I ask because one of the major applications of VR will be for remotely appraising various things: accidents, vehicles, furniture, clothing, etc. Having a walk-around view will be as important as surround. Of course, you could get the effect with video from a drone that circles the object; however, for bandwidth savings and for viewer control of perspective, I’m wanting to know if there’s an object walk-around photo stitcher available. I imagine that Google’s Project Tango has this capability.

    OK. Did a search. It seems Microsoft’s PhotoSynth has a “spin” mode: http://www.geekwire.com/2013/microsoft-updates-photosynth-ways-stitch-images/.

    Any others?

    • kalqlate

      For post-processing of walk-around photos, I see there’s Agisoft (www.agisoft.com) and 123D Catch (http://www.123dapp.com/catch).

      Any others?