Killing Floor: Incursion (2017), Tripwire Interactive’s latest entry into the zombie-splattering co-op shooter genre, was supposed to arrive on SteamVR-compatible headsets last week. It’s available on Steam starting today for $40.

Update (11/14/17): Even though it launches today, it appears the game isn’t live just yet and still available for pre-order at 15% off. It won’t last for long, so have at it before it reverts to its normal launch price.

Original article (11/08/17): Citing concerns surrounding new features like Holdout mode, an endless high score challenge, Tripwire says the game will be delayed by a week so the developers can give everything an extra check.

image courtesy Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor: Incursion was once thought to be an Oculus exclusive, thanks to last year’s initial announcement that carried no mention of future support for other VR platforms. Now on Steam, the game is set to support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (with Touch). For wayward platform buddies looking to get in on cross-play co-op between Oculus Home versions and Steam-purchased versions, there’s some bad news:

Jared Creasy, Community Manager for Tripwire Interactive told Tom’s Hardware “[i]t will be important to note that the Oculus version and Steam versions will NOT be able to matchmake with each other due to the different backends being used,” said Jared Creasy, Community Manager for Tripwire Interactive.

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Here’s the devs explaination, posted on the studio’s blog.

Hello everyone,

Many of you have noticed that the Steam release date for Killing Floor: Incursion has changed from today to November 14th. We would like to confirm this change and provide additional information about what is happening.

As Incursion proceeded towards the finish line for this major milestone (with the new game mode – Holdout, community requested features, and a new platform release as well) it became apparent that we needed to take a bit more time to get things right. What this means is that the team is taking an extra week to look over all these items to make sure they are up to a standard that not only we are happy with, but we believe you the fans will be happy with as well.

We are very excited to bring the game to Steam and get the new content and features into the hands of new and existing fans as quickly as we can. We strongly believe this is the best move for the game (and its fans) and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Killing Floor: Incursion is currently 15% off on Oculus Home, and will launch with a 15 % off price on Steam November 14th.

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  • Raphael

    “By default the game using a telportaion system for movement, which works off a cooldown based on how far the player has teleported in a certain amount of time. This also includes a snap turn system for players to change their orientation.

    More advanced (and potentially quesy options) are available to be turend on via the settings menu which include free move and smooth turning.”

    Thanks to developers for including multiple movement options. I never get sick in VR (been using it in various forms since 2006).

    • Gloria

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  • Adrian Meredith

    Does this mean the steam version doesn’t support oculus touch?

  • SandmaN

    Who has played this already? Looks like a blast, especially co-op!

    • HybridEnergy

      Got some hours into it since release native on steam. It’s good fun and well polished.

  • Raphael

    4 hours gameplay… fail.

  • HybridEnergy

    Pretty awesome so far, enjoying it. I do wish it was longer from what I hear, but it’s awesome.