FX TV series Legion (2017) is getting an immersive, mixed reality experience powered by Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it’s coming to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on July 20-23.

Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience will take fans into the headspace of show’s protagonist David Haller, which according to the press release will let you “interact with his world and test the boundaries of their own reality.” The experience is also said to let fans will go through key scenes as seen in the first season of Legion, and get a sneak peek into season 2 as well. Making it even more immersive, the experience will feature real-life actors dressed in costumes ripped from the infectiously stylish world of Legion.

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Produced by studio Here Be Dragons, known for their work on VR experiences for both Mr. Robot (2015) and the new Ghost in the Shell (2017) film, the Legion HoloLens experience will be FX’s main feature at FXHibition 2017. The activation will take place at the Hilton Bayfront Park in San Diego, just a skip away from the Convention Center.

Advanced reservations are required for Sessions: The Legion Mixed Reality Experience and can be made at LegionSessions.com beginning July 17 when the website goes live.

Never had a chance to play with Microsoft HoloLens? It’s no surprise, considering the headset costs $3000. If you’re in the area this may be a good chance to try out mixed reality—a blending of virtual imagery and the physical world. Check out podcaster Kent Bye’s article on HoloLens for more information on the headset. And yes, the field of view isn’t very large, but it’s an incredible experience none the less.

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