Loading Human, the first person Sci-Fi adventure title that is setting the bar for player interactions in a virtual space. And now, the Untold Games team reveal new footage leveraging Unreal Engine 4 and it’s very pretty indeed.

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4832039595d81679ef828f07dc3ae679_largeWe’re dedicated here at Road to VR, but unfortunately our time is finite and regrettably we don’t get to cover everything in the VR space that we might like. Loading Human is a title I’ve been following for quite a while now and I think it’s safe to say that Untold Games‘ Sci-Fi adventure is rightfully one of the most anticipated made-for-vr titles currently out there.

The team are tackling head-on the enormous challenges that the first wave of commercial virtual reality games face, riding as they do the wave of the VR resurgence. Squaring the circle of physicality in virtual spaces is just about as hard a problem as there is, especially when the hardware to aide this is also in its infancy. Loading Human is a game determined not to fall back on gaming interface tropes that break immersion – it wants you to move and interact with its world in the way you would your own.

Using the Razer Hydra and the Sixense STEM (soon to reach Kickstarter backers) motion controllers, your hands and arms are represented faithfully in the virtual world. More than that though, when you interact with objects, your actions become naturally contextual. Pull a clock from a wall and turn over your hand to find a key lodged on the back, grab a book and leaf through pages with a naturalistic wave of your hand. This cutting-edge interfacing collides with the oldest of old-school gaming genres, the classic adventure game to offer up an enticing title.

Untold Games just released an update video for their in-progress Kickstarter campaign which includes more ‘free-roaming’ footage demonstrating the game rendered with the new Unreal Engine 4 and it’s a sight to behold. As someone who’s been covering VR over the last couple of years, watching the quality of virtual reality content evolve so quickly has been a real pleasure. Loading Human looks every inch the Triple-A VR title the Oculus Rift and its forthcoming, long-awaited consumer release needs and deserves.

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The Kickstarter campaign is well underway with $23k of its $30k goal reached with 20 days left on the clock. The team plan not only to support the Oculus Rift but say that their project has been approved for development on Sony’s new virtual headset, codename Morpheus. Alongside Sony’s excellent Move controller, the title seems ideal.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing more of Loading Human, you can back the campaign here. We’ll keep you up to date on its progress.

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    Because avatars are always so horrible and ridiculous ?

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    Nice idea, too bad the graphics are second life quality…

    • Untold Games

      Check our new unreal 4 footage at the end :)