Magic Leap One launched back in August with a glasses frame insert in the box, although the onus was on the user to find an optician to fit it with prescription lenses. Now, the company has finally unveiled their official prescription inserts, and like the $2,300 headset itself, it costs a pretty penny.

The magnetic inserts are now available from Frames Direct for $250, or about 2.5 times the cost of a basic plastic pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses.

Lenses are available for single vision only and prescriptions with total power in the following range: SPH -7.5 to 0 | CYL: -4 to 0 | Total Power (SPH + CYL): -7.5 to 0.

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You’ll need a valid prescription when you place your order though, so you may need to hit the optician anyway if your daily drivers are a bit out of date.

To the company’s credit, installation of the insert is a snap. Simply remove the one that came with the headset and pop in the new one and enter your prescription on your Magic Leap One in Settings > Device > Calibration.

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    Another thumbs up to Magic Leap for this
    and for the waveguide tech

  • The installation is super-easy!