Hype train passengers, all aboard: set to arrive on Rift in two weeks, Oculus today announced a two more playable heroes coming to Marvel Powers United VR’s super human lineup. This time it’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora and Star-Lord.

First revealed at Disney D23 fan expo in summer of last year, Marvel Powers United VR is a co-op VR game created by Marvel Games, Sanzaru Games, and Oculus Studios. Featuring co-op missions, you use each superhero’s unique powers in online multiplayer, revisiting some of the familiar Marvel locations made famous in films past.

There are still six more playable characters left in the 18-character lineup, which so far includes Gamora, Star-lord, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Black Bolt, Crystal, and Thor.

Marvel Powers United VR is slated to launch exclusively on Rift July 26th. Pre-orders are now open here, with the game priced at $40.

Check out the quick teaser Oculus posted a quick teaser on their blog:

We went hands-on with Marvel Powers United VR back during an Oculus event that was simultaneously timed with Disney’s D23. Check it out here in the meantime to learn more about the nitty gritty of what makes the game tick.

You can also demo Marvel Powers United VR at select retail locations for yourself, which lets you choose from Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Crystal, The Hulk, and Thor in a co-op battle mission.

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  • Baldrickk

    Hmm, you would have thought that they might have included some more “dynamic” gameplay shots other than “both arms held out straight”
    Show off views of their signature weapons as the players move them around etc. The video makes it seem like it is just a standard FPS style game with arms fixed out in front…

    • JJ

      yupp this screams gimmick 200%. This is the crapware theyre preparing for younger generations. Just like the youtube videos for kids theyre all just insanely shallow in depth with expensive iconic characters. so for anybody older than 13 who can actually digest whats going on, they clearly see the phonyness. But kids will by it by the millions because of the names, thats why thats the only news you heard about it.

      • Juan Ritz

        Or we can be happy that there’s going to be a seemingly well produced Marvel VR game, when so many are afraid to jump into the virtual fray. There may be a lot of truth to what you’ve said, but geez, people need to look at the bright side more often.

        • JJ

          its not seemingly well produced if the gameplay is just arms extended blasting. Obviously its not out yet but it looks gimicky

        • JJ

          people shouldn’t make a point to look for just the bright side in purchases that they might make. If your spending your money, you’re voting, so you need to be aware of the negatives just as much as the positives. otherwise were generating an extremely wasteful economy and culture.