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Quest 2 Accessories Got a Massive Price Cut, Is This a Fire Sale?

Meta today confirmed that the recent price drop of Quest 2 to $200 is now permanent, and official accessories are getting the same treatment.

To be honest, when Meta dropped the price of Quest 2 down to the almost too-good-to-be-true price of $200 last month, we didn’t catch that the company also dropped the price on many official Quest 2 accessories.

Well today the company confirmed that the discount on both Quest 2 and its accessories is permanent going forward. While Quest 2 (128GB) got a nice discount from $250 to $200, a handful of accessories got a massive 50% cut. Here’s the breakdown:

Quest 2 Elite Strap – $50 → $25
Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery – $90 → $45
Quest 2 Carrying Case – $45 → $20
Quest 2 Active Pack – $60 → $30
Quest 2 Fit Pack – $40 → $20

These Quest 2 accessory discounts finally bring the company’s official accessories much more in-line with third-party offerings.

But the question remains, is this a fire sale?

While Quest 2 (128GB) has been easy to find, stock of the Quest 2 (256GB) model has been seemingly wavering in recent months. And with such a low price for Quest 2 (128GB) and accessories—now confirmed permanent—it certainly feels like Meta is trying to offload stock.

Quest 2 is almost four years old now, and while it’s certainly a great value for anyone wanting to test the VR waters, rumors have been swirling that Meta could be working on something like a ‘Quest 3 Lite’ headset which would be a lower cost version of the company’s current flagship device. If it seems like Meta is trying to rush Quest 2 stock out of the warehouses, this could be why.

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