Meta today confirmed that the recent price drop of Quest 2 to $200 is now permanent, and official accessories are getting the same treatment.

To be honest, when Meta dropped the price of Quest 2 down to the almost too-good-to-be-true price of $200 last month, we didn’t catch that the company also dropped the price on many official Quest 2 accessories.

Well today the company confirmed that the discount on both Quest 2 and its accessories is permanent going forward. While Quest 2 (128GB) got a nice discount from $250 to $200, a handful of accessories got a massive 50% cut. Here’s the breakdown:

Quest 2 Elite Strap – $50 → $25
Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery – $90 → $45
Quest 2 Carrying Case – $45 → $20
Quest 2 Active Pack – $60 → $30
Quest 2 Fit Pack – $40 → $20

These Quest 2 accessory discounts finally bring the company’s official accessories much more in-line with third-party offerings.

But the question remains, is this a fire sale?

While Quest 2 (128GB) has been easy to find, stock of the Quest 2 (256GB) model has been seemingly wavering in recent months. And with such a low price for Quest 2 (128GB) and accessories—now confirmed permanent—it certainly feels like Meta is trying to offload stock.

Quest 2 is almost four years old now, and while it’s certainly a great value for anyone wanting to test the VR waters, rumors have been swirling that Meta could be working on something like a ‘Quest 3 Lite’ headset which would be a lower cost version of the company’s current flagship device. If it seems like Meta is trying to rush Quest 2 stock out of the warehouses, this could be why.

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    Yep, this is a clearance sale for sure. Is also expected due to the Quest 3 ‘lite’ version which would replace the Quest 2 as the lowend option.

  • Obviously they’re clearing shelfspace.
    To have Quest 2/Quest 3/Quest 3 Lite
    all availble at the same time will create consumer onfusion.
    Bettet to have just a regular/deluxe choice.
    []^ )

    • Hatori Hanzo

      quest 3 lite hu. interesting

  • 100% Clearance sale

  • CJ

    Before activating the goggles you can log in from the link: meta com/referrals/link/steamvr666
    Then we’ll both get $30 towards purchases in the Meta shop :)

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    I doubt the clearance sale. I argued before that the Quest price drop might be due to Qualcomm routinely reducing the XR2 Gen 1 price after general XR2 Gen 2 availability. Dropping the 256GB Quest 2 just cleared up a portfolio forcing users to pick between a 128GB Quest 3 and 256 GB Quest 2. Now it’s simple low storage/low performance (Quest 2 128), low storage/high performance (Quest 3 128) and high storage/high performance (Quest 3 512) tiers.

    No doubt a Quest 3 lite is coming, focused on low price for the yearly Christmas sales. But for a USD 200 HMD, a USD 90 headstrap seems excessive, so accessory prices have to be adjusted too. In contrast to “at cost” HMDs, accessories always sold with significant margins.

    Based on price and target group, I still expect a Quest 3 lite to be a Quest 2 low tier replacement, running the same games, still using Fresnel lenses and XR2 Gen 1 (as XR2 Gen 2 is rather expensive) , but adding color passthrough to make it usable with MR apps/push developers to integrate MR. Rumors said “summer 2024”, but all other Quest except the first were introduced in fall, just in time for the holiday/sales season, which would make even more sense here.

    So my guess: this is not a clearance sale, but an adaption of the low tier to mass market prices, followed by a technically similar model at Meta’s regular HMD release time window that will be their 2024 model, bringing a record low price and mixed reality for the masses.

    • XRC

      Accessories are profitable in a way that headsets can only dream of…

    • perVRt

      Yes, they are dumping them in muliple ways. They are dumping them cheap to analyze new customers just enough to get them to buy a new ones before they dump support of the old model.

      • Christian Schildwaechter

        Meta isn’t going to drop Quest 2 support anytime soon. Quest 1 sold only est. ~1mn units, using a 2017 SD835. With the cheaper Quest 2 selling in larger numbers and its 2020 XR2/SD865 adding ~40% CPU/~120% GPU performance, keeping Quest 1 compatibility for its small user base limited what games could do.

        The situation is different now. Quest 2 makes up most of the install base and still outsells Quest 3. Meta’s USD 500 HMD for enthusiasts offers a 100-150% GPU boost, but Meta slides from the launch listed only 16% extra CPU performance in GPU heavy apps like games. It’s basically running the same games as Quest 2 with improved graphics, and developers will continue to target both for a long time due to the performance gap for tasks like physics, simulation etc. being much smaller between Quest 2 and 3 than between Quest 1 and 2.

        As mentioned I expect Quest 3 lite to offer Quest 2 performance and outsell Quest 3 by far, so Quest baseline performance would stay the same. Quest 2 could see support for almost as long as a technically similar Quest 3 lite, as it could take a long time for another HMD to overtake it in markt share. And without technical limits like on Quest 1, cutting off hard gained users would only hurt app sales. Only Meta really pushing for MR could kill the Quest 2.

        • perVRt

          They don’t care if they hurt app sales. They want to control the operating system. Soon they will have to stop forking Android!

  • ViRGiN

    I need a new Quest 2. I wore the other one out pretending to have sex in MR, which on my original Quest 2 was achieved with a blow-up doll and a can of macaroni in the appropriate place, so due to the lower resolution I couldn’t see the difference.