Swedish virtual reality company Moggles has launched a new, smartphone-based VR headset of the same name which apparently folds into a 40mm thick form factor, ready to slip into your pocket.

moggles-logoMoggles has just released details of its latest attempt at tempting people into the mobile virtual reality market. Shipping in early 2016, the new Moggles headset (short for Mobile Goggles) features some significant upgrades from the previous model.

The new unit contains 35mm lenses for a wider FoV, although precisely how wide will likely depend on your phone’s screen. The unit can fold down into a 40mm thick hard shell case, designed to protect both your IPD settings, which are adjustable.


Moggles claims to have “listened to the community” the the most recent design iteration, with phone screen compatibility for devices up to 6 inches and charge port opening located on both sides of the headset, for those times you’re low on battery power but still need that VR fix.


One particularly neat feature, other than the clever collapsible design, is the inclusion of a hatch in the front allowing smartphone cameras to peek out – potentially for future inclusion of AR-like overlays or computer-vision based positional tracking. Those last features however, given the huge range of Android hardware, seems like somewhat of a wishlist item for now.

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Moggles expects the headset to be in stores in early 2016, but currently no details as to pricing. It’s an interesting addition to the vast piles of other smartphone holders riding on the crest of Google’s Cardboard VR initiative – one that does differentiate itself nicely. Looks like one to watch.

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