Control VR is one of the first systems we’ve seen to offer a viable and technically promising finger tracking solution, or VR Glove, to VR enthusiasts. In fact, the Control VR team were so confident in their fully upper body tracking system, they sent an open invite to the VR community to come on over and try it out for themselves. The resulting feedback was almost universally positive.

That positivity and confident openness seems to have transferred into genuine interest as their Kickstarter campaign, started on June 5th has now concluded at 176% their original $250k target – cool $442,227 in all. It’s encouraging to see such fervent support from enthusiasts, especially considering one of the major complaints about Control VR was the price, $600 for tracking both arms and upper body.

Backers have been told to expect an estimated shipping date of December 2014, but as we’ve seen repeatedly now, Kickstarter campaigns involving hardware rarely ship to time – for numerous reasons.

In the mean time, you can catch the video above for Ben Lang’s interview with Control VR’s CEO Alex Sarnoff and CTO Ali Kord above.

Congratulations to the Control VR team, best of luck delivering the goods.

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