Proton Pulse for Google Cardboard is free of cost for a whole month starting today on the Google Play store. The full game, which came to Cardboard in December 2014, has 53 different levels and 5 boss battles to keep you playing on your low-cost VR smartphone adapter for hours to come.

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ZeroTransform, a company founded by long-time game developer Justin Moravetz, first put a unique 3D spin on the classic Brick-Breaker arcade game for use with the Oculus Rift DK1. Over time, the company updated Proton Pulse to support the Rift DK2 as well as Android-driven Google Cardboard smartphone adapters, eventually even making the game available for Samsung Gear VR.


Morvetz, also known for his work as lead developer on Vanguard V, tells us that Proton Pulse is free thanks to a sponsorship program he’s undertaking with willing creators of input devices:

The basics are that I work with a VR team making an input method and request one month of sponsorship for Proton Pulse. I integrate their hardware into the game and give them a quick intro scene at the start.

It’s a VR symbiosis. My studio needs resources to continue development, the hardware guys need content. The real winners are the gamers—they get a free game and added support for additional hardware.

The free version of Proton Pulse is currently made available thanks to Nod.

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As for whether or not you should bother going to grab your free copy, a 4.4 rating across 143 reviews (on the paid version) may help you make up your mind.

Cardboard enthusiast Tom Sanders says: “Amazing, must-have for any Cardboard owner: It feels nothing like the screenshots, you simply have to experience it for yourself. If you own a compatible headset, this is well worth your money. (Tested on a Homido headset).”

PC gamer Ross Uren says: “Blown away: The interface is insanely well crafted and the music really compliments how simple and yet satisfying this brick break game is.”

Proton Pulse (free) on Google Play
(free version will come and go in accordance with sponsorships)

If you’ve been dragging your feet on stepping into VR, Google Cardboard provides the lowest cost solution to getting you immediately into virtual reality games, experiences, 360 degree videos and photospheres. With full games like Proton Pulse coming to the Play store for free, what better time to finally join the VR community? And if you’re on Windows or Mac with an Oculus Rift, you can download a demo here.

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